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Recipe: Vanilla Latte Cupcakes

latte_cupcakesWhen KitchenAid® announced their “10,000 Cupcakes One Great Cause” program to help raise support for the Susan G. Komen foundation this October we were very excited!  Cupcakes, yes! Supporting breast cancer awareness, yes please! At the very mention of the word “cupcake” we knew this was a perfect occasion to call on our staff baker extraordinaire Pat. You don’t have a staff baker extraordinaire? You should seriously look into getting one (you can’t have Pat, she’s ours). vanilla_latte_cupcakes

When we asked Pat to bake us her favorite cupcakes for a blog post she knew right away which ones they would be. Now that we have tried one…or two…ok fine three we can see why she loves this recipe! These Vanilla Latte Cupcakes are delicious and include some of the best frosting we have ever tasted. Here is a printable version of this cupcake_recipecupcake_recipe

Coffee in a cupcake? That qualifies as a valid reason to have one for breakfast right? In place of sprinkling instant coffee on top of the frosting, we embraced the opportunity to take a coffee break. We are lucky enough to have a great local coffee shop right around the corner from our store. Elizabeth Ann’s Kitchen is also home to The Local Motive Coffee Shop. the_local_motive

Beth was kind enough to give us some ground espresso for our sprinkling needs.  If you aren’t known to be a from-scratch-baker do still file this recipe away for the future for the frosting. Pat’s mind began to run with other great ways she could put a new twist on this frosting recipe with other pudding flavors. We look forward to trying them all of course. Speaking of frosting, a coworker saw me eating my own cupcake and was not aware of the mess-free way of cupcake consumption. Just in case you are also unaware reader, we give you the one-handed-no-frosting-on-your-nose-cupcake-sandwich:mess_free_cupcake

Not rocket science, but it does take the mess out of cupcake eating. Just split the cupcake at it’s center, flip and smoosh. We have shared this recipe with you now you need to “share” your own cupcake creations. This October, you can make a difference just by baking and sharing cupcakes. Join KitchenAid® to support Susan G. Komen.  Snap an original photo of a cupcake and tag @KitchenAidUSA including #10000cupcakes and #donate and you will help support this great cause. Learn more about the “10,000 Cupcakes One Great Cause” program here.  Be sure to also follow us on social media as well. Post your images on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.cupcake

Holiday Recipe: Cranberry Pecan Brie Bake

Recipe_BrieLast week we had the honor of hosting a bus-load of Quad City women for a demonstration upstairs in our test kitchen. They were part of a group hosted by the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce who arrived to shop and explore Geneseo throughout their visit. We wanted to share with them a recipe they could use for the upcoming holiday season. This brie bake is the perfect appetizer if you are hosting an event or even a take and bake item you could bring to a friend or family member’s home to enjoy. You will need:ingredients

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray cookie sheet with cooking spray. Unroll dough and cut into two squares slightly larger than brie round. Cut off corners of squares. Use excess for decorative cut-outs if desired. Cut Brie crosswise into two layers. Place bottom layer onto one section of dough placed onto cookie sheet. Spread cranberry sauce and pecans atop and cap with top Brie layer.recipe1

Place second dough layer atop your stack. Connect dough along side of Brie by pinching closed and brush dough with beaten egg. Add any decorative cut outs you would like. We liked how our stars hid the seams where we connected the dough. Be sure to slit top layer of dough in center before baking. Brush entire bake with egg. Bake 20-25 minutes until golden deep brown. Let stand 15 minutes. Serve on platter with crackers and fruit slices (pears pair perfectly with brie).recipe2We loved participating in the Chamber of Commerce bus trip and any excuse to bake up something delicious like this to share at the store is a great day! Happy Holidays!

15 Must-Have Items For Your Temporary Kitchen During a Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen is a process. During that process you will need a temporary kitchen to prep and clean in. How can you keep the essentials handy for your day-to-day life? You set up a temporary kitchen. This can be located in a dining room, living room or even a corner of the kitchen itself. Village Home Stores suggests these must-have items for your temporary kitchen during a remodel.

15 Must-Have Items For Your Temporary Kitchen During a Remodel:

The best small appliances for your temporary kitchen

1. Decide what small appliances best fit the lifestyle of your family. Choose appliances that can be used for multiple tasks. A toaster oven may become your new favorite small appliance. Many are available with convection features and interior capacities that will make it possible to prepare many different meals. Take note that these ovens can get very hot in the areas surrounding them. Keep the space clear and avoid stacking items on top. Crock pots, rice-cookers, and countertop grills can each be used and stored off-site in another room. You can still prepare meals at home without eating out every day. Follow our Pinterest board of recipes to enjoy during your remodel.

2. No water? no problem. A bottle of anti-bacterial gel should be accessible for you and the crew. Stop germs from spreading without needing running water.

3. While they can be very wasteful to use regularly, using paper products during your remodel can be a great way to keep dirty dishes from piling up. When cleared off properly many can even be recycled. Plastic utensils and cups can even be washed and reused. Just be aware that certain plastics should not be heated up to high heats and reused for food service.

4. Keep a roll of paper towels handy. Some snacks and meals can even be prepped and served on a paper towel. No judgement from us if we catch you eating a slice of pizza off of a paper towel. We know that in just a few weeks you will be cooking a gourmet meal in your brand new kitchen.

5. For quick meal prep, reheating leftovers, and even warming up coffee, a microwave really is a necessity. If you do not have a portable model, consider borrowing a small one or purchasing an inexpensive microwave that can later be sent with a child to college or re-purposed in a basement or “man cave”. Shop our small appliances here or stop in the showroom to see our microwave options. 

Life goes on in your home no matter what state the kitchen is in. Busy families, single adults, and empty-nesters all create dirty dishes. When they do start to pile up we recommend to set up a dish-washing station.

Set Up a Dish Washing Station:


6. Not having a running kitchen sink and faucet is probably one of the largest inconveniences during a remodel. Find a large plastic tub that will act as your sink during this time. If you do not have another running sink nearby, make sure your tub fits nicely in the closest bathtub you have. If you are preparing a meal at home, we suggest filling this tub with warm, soapy water and adding dirty dishes as they are used.  This gives them time to soak as you prep the meal and will mean less time scrubbing in the bathtub later on.

7. Have two bottles of dish detergent. Keep one bottle of dish detergent in your temporary kitchen and the other nearby whatever water source you are using.

8. Set up an area for drying clean items. Find a drying mat or rack that does not take up too much space and fits the dishes you do plan on using often.

9. Using a dish scrubbing brush that also dispenses detergent can eliminate the need for a sponge at all in your dish-washing station.

Where Should It Be Located?

We have seen many temporary kitchens set up throughout the many years we have been remodeling kitchens. Some of the most innovative locations we have seen use existing furniture or spaces already accessible near the kitchen. Do you have a buffet or built-in bookcase? Consider these spaces first before unfolding a large camping table for your temporary kitchen. If you find an existing space you may only need a small cart in addition to that. Always seek out a location that is outside of any masked off areas from the jobsite.

Keep a Command Center:


10. Establish a command center for your family and even the crews. Keep a notebook and writing utensils available for notes and lists. Project information should also be in this location. Village Home Stores will give you a project binder with schedules, specs and up to date plans to be kept on-site. The family at recommends all working kitchens to have an “Action File” for busy families. This is a great addition to your temporary kitchen command center and may even find its way into your permanent one. Here you can keep bills, incoming mail, school papers, schedules, and paperwork that may normally end up piled on a kitchen counter.

11. Borrow a shelf or two. Relocating a few boxes of books or movies can clear off enough shelf space for pantry items and even some small appliances. If you have set up a folding table, large tubs or bins below can be used for pantry storage. Always have trash bags and and lunch packing items handy by the pantry area as well.

12. A coffeepot is absolutely a must-have item for most customers. Just remember this part of your temporary kitchen does not need to be near the rest. Reduce clutter and free up counter space by setting up your coffeemaker in the master bathroom or even a home office.

13. Find an all-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle that you can keep on hand. This can be used to clean work surfaces and even appliances as they may get dusty during the remodeling process. All-purpose cleaning wipes can be fantastic as well for quick clean up.

14. Running water and a clear work surface are as desirable as available outlets in your temporary kitchen. By using a power strip for your small appliances you can gain surge protection and access extra receptacles for charging devices.

15.The most important item of course is patience. Being torn up for a short period of time is always worth it once you can enjoy your new finished kitchen space. Patience truly is a “Must-Have Item” when remodeling. Just remember that the project is only temporary. Soon you will have a new space to enjoy.

We wish things could happen overnight like they seem to do on television, but in reality these things take time. Our Project Management program allows us to use your time most efficiently and get your new kitchen up and running as quickly as possible. Be sure to check out our board on Pinterest full of great tips and examples of temporary kitchen.  If you are reading this post because you are about to start a project with us we thank you so much fro your business! We can’t wait to have your new kitchen up and running as soon as we are able to. If you are still in the research phase of a remodel feel free to contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our expert kitchen designers. We can’t wait to hear what you are working on. Contact us today to set up an appointment and get your remodel started! (309) 944-1344Village_phone_number