We’re Not Just Kitchen Remodeling! Five Other Rooms Get a Whole New Look!

We tend to showcase a lot of our kitchen work here on the blog but… y’all know we do more than that right? We have products for every room in your home and many times find ourselves extending work beyond a kitchen remodel for our clients. Village Home Stores is your Quad Cities area source for kitchen, bath, and more! Yes we can design a beautiful kitchen or bathroom for you but we can also create a dream laundry, craft room, home bar, media room, fitness center, man shed, she shed, mudroom… the list goes on and on. Our latest featured kitchen remodel was really a complete overhaul of the entire back end of this busy Coal Valley, IL home including five other rooms we worked in.

Custom Amish built mudroom storage with shoe drawers in bench. - Village Home Stores.
Custom Amish built mudroom storage with shoe drawers in bench.

If you haven’t toured the kitchen in this home yet, take a peek here at that tour. We created a stunning custom kitchen that included a home bar and hutch area plus a large walk-in pantry borrowing existing space from the back door rooms of this home. There are now many new finished spaces just outside of the kitchen. Take a look at the first space we finished right inside the garage door entry. This custom-built mudroom bench/locker area was once just some closet space with bi-fold doors. Now it is #mudroomgoals!

Custom Amish built mudroom storage lockers and bench in a Quad Cities home. -Village Home Stores.
Custom Amish built mudroom storage lockers and bench in a Quad Cities home.

This new dropzone stops kid (and grownup) clutter right at the entrance to the home. Plenty of hook storage for backpacks and jackets ad even more hidden away in the tall cabinet to the right. Deep drawers beneath the bench seat open up to reveal the perfect designated space for shoe storage. On the left, the tall cabinet opens to reveal a designated cleaning supply area making this mudroom the ideal hub for all activity with the luxury of so many places to tuck away items out of sight!

Custom Amish built mudroom storage with cleaning supply pantry. -Village Home Stores.
Custom Amish built mudroom storage with cleaning supply pantry.

Back door dropzones, mudrooms, and benches have become high on top of every wishlist for any busy household. These organized zones of a home are not just for households with young children! Who else among us comes home from work every day with about three totebags (silently raises hand while typing this blog post). Anyone can appreciate a storage situation like this. Press play below to see this busy household get quickly organized once the kids arrive home from school.

Part of the original space across from that mudroom bench was a long laundry room area. This was the original access to the pool out back. Now that we have installed pool access in the new kitchen, we replaced the laundry door with a windowed wall. Real talk: would YOU want pool guests you are entertaining to walk through your laundry room to use your restroom? Didn’t think so. Now this space has been reworked to tackle cleaning, sorting, and pet needs. Separate wall hooks have been installed for suits to hang and there is a whole wall of incredible storage within this laundry room.

Swimsuit hooks in a Quad Cities area laundry room with access to a custom mudroom bench nearby. -Village Home Stores.
Swimsuit hooks in a Quad Cities area laundry room with access to a custom mudroom bench nearby.

The layout of this home is so unique. There are so many angled rooms included in the design which made us think outside of the box when reworking the spaces. In fact, we have reworked this laundry room and even removed some of the sq. ft. yet it still is a better working layout than before. Take a peek at the rendered floorplan below to see the angled areas and how we “sliced” off part of this room to become the pantry space accessed on the kitchen side.

kitchen rendering floorplan
Rendering of kitchen and backdoor areas revised for a more functional layout.

Within the work crews we had in this home, the most talked about specialty cabinet in the whole project wasn’t in the kitchen! These three pullout laundry basket cabinets got a reaction out of everyone who saw them. Who wouldn’t love the option to sort and stash laundry within reach but out of sight? Ask you Village cabinet designer about including one of these in your laundry room or bathroom design.

Pull our hamper cabinets in a Quad Cities area laundry room with custom cabinetry and complete start to finish home remodel by Village Home Stores.
Pull our hamper cabinets in a Quad Cities area laundry room with custom cabinetry and complete start to finish home remodel by Village Home Stores.

The cabinetry in this space was an extension of the same style and color of the accents in the kitchen we installed. However, the hardware in the laundry room was the only area we switched from the brushed gold antique brass look to a brushed nickel finish in the same size and style. We also changed counter surfaces for this room. It may look like we installed granite here… but this is a Formica top folks!

Formica Cafe Azul laminate tops in a Quad Cities area laundry room with custom cabinetry and complete start to finish home remodel by Village Home Stores.
Formica Cafe Azul laminate tops in a Quad Cities area laundry room with custom cabinetry and complete start to finish home remodel by Village Home Stores.

The Formica 180FX series offers our clients an incredible large-format printed design on an affordable surface we have been familiar with for years. You get the look of luxury at a fraction of the cost. This pattern is called “Cafe Azul” and you can see large samples of it and many more options in our Geneseo, IL showroom. Another very special family member named “George” got his own new feature in this laundry room rework too. An Invisible Fence Brand dog door was installed below the new window accessing the backyard. His collar unlocks the door when he approaches so it can open and close only for him. Press play below to see it in action.

As we mentioned before, yes we remodel bathrooms just as efficiently as kitchens! It’s just a different process and checklist. This back hallway powder room got a whole new look and a slightly different layout. Did you know that Village Home Stores can also work on your interior doors and trim during your remodel? We carefully partnered with this client to keep a consistent stain color from the back door through many rooms into the new great room. A pocket door can be a wonderful selection for small spaces. In this angled space, eliminating a door swing helps to keep the high-traffic area open.

Powder room pocket door and Stonepeak Palazzo Florentina 12 x 24 large format farmhouse tile flooring.
Powder room pocket door and Stonepeak Palazzo Florentina 12 x 24 large format farmhouse tile flooring. Start to finish bath remodel by Village Home Stores.

The powder room received different cabinetry from the rest of the rooms. Here we installed a Bertch Bath vanity and tall linen cabinet. Each were ordered with tapered legs for a more furniture look. The Northrope Alder style in a “Mocha” stain is paired with a 2 1/2″ thick Venecia cultured marble top. Bertch Bath is a nationally distributed vanity company and is manufactured not to far from us in Waterloo Iowa! Village is always excited to partner with brands local to us to eliminate high fuel/freight charges to you and to make availability and lead-times more efficient for you.

Bertch Bath vanity cabinets with farmhouse tile flooring. Start to finish bath remodel by Village Home Stores.
Bertch Bath vanity cabinets with farmhouse tile flooring. Start to finish bath remodel by Village Home Stores.

But of course your eye was drawn to this painted floor tile right? The most eye-catching feature in this powder room is this StonePeak Palazzo Florentina tile. Power rooms are an excellent space for this farmhouse/painted tile trend because they are a small space that you want a big style impact in. This is a huge trend on Instagram and Pinterest with no signs of slowing down in the next few years. As an added bonus, this tile gets you the look with fewer grout lines. These are not individual 6″ grid tiles as they appear with the pattern, instead these are 12″ x 24″ large-format tiles. Ask a tile expert at Village about all of our options in panted tiles!

Stonepeak Palazzo Florentina 12 x 24 large format farmhouse tile flooring.
Stonepeak Palazzo Florentina 12 x 24 large format farmhouse tile flooring. Tile and start to finish bath remodel by Village Home Stores.

Built ins, media rooms, and home entertainment centers were a huge cabinet category beginning in the late 80’s. As TV’s have evolved in size, shape and thickness, many homes in the Quad Cities area are ready for a new solution for their home entertainment areas. This area was reworked and a custom TV cabinet was ordered to match the Knotty Alder cabinetry of the kitchen that is right within sight of the great room.

Custom Amish built TV cabinetry in a Quad Cities home. | VillageHomeStores.com
Custom Amish built TV cabinetry in a Quad Cities area great room.

Just like our availability to handle the doorways and trim in your home, we also can rework your stair rail systems! We removed the original oak spindles and replaced everything with this new saddle-stained wood and wrought iron combination. New flooring was also installed in the great room, front entry, and dining room.

New iron stair railing and Paramount Rustic Beam flooring in a Coal Valley, IL great room. Materials and complete start to finish home remodel by Village Home Stores.
New iron stair railing and Paramount Rustic Beam flooring in a Coal Valley, IL great room. Materials and complete start to finish home remodel by Village Home Stores.

A balanced blend of medium-to-dark Hickory woodgrains pull out and compliment all of the new cabinetry and the furniture in these spaces. This is a 3/4″ solid Hickory floor from our Paramount Barnwood series in the “Rustic Beam” color. With so many woods and finishes surrounding these floors, selecting one with many colors included is a fantastic choice to help bring everything together.

Paramount Rustic Beam flooring with Dream Weaver carpet inlay in Symphony Swing color.
Paramount Hickory Rustic Beam flooring with Dream Weaver carpet inlay in Symphony Swing color.

At the center of this large great room we installed a carpet inlay. This large carpeted area helps to reduce sound and adds comfort (as modeled below by George). This is the Symphony carpet series in the “Swing” color. Our DreamWeaver carpet is a solution-dyed carpeting and comes in so many styles and colors. Solution-dyed carpet fibers mean that the color is permanent! It can’t fade and resists coloring from soiling! More great news for George is that he can’t end up “in the doghouse” because this carpet is available with lifetime pet urine resistance! It also comes with a number of 25 year guarantees like a 25 year guarantee of abrasive wear, texture retention, fade resistance, soil resistance and more!

George models how comfy his new Dream Weaver carpet in Symphony Swing is. Flooring and complete start to finish home remodel by Village Home Stores.
George models how comfy his new Dream Weaver carpet in Symphony Swing is. Flooring and complete start to finish home remodel by Village Home Stores.

While you are lounging in this newly remodeled great room don’t forget to look up! These cathedral ceilings had original wood panels and a center beam as a feature. We had our carpentry team revisit the wood ceiling to secure loose panels and we wrapped the beam with found barnwood. The barnwood was custom stained to compliment the new cabinetry in the home. Iron brackets cover the seams of the barnwood and the lighting and fan were updated as well.

Barnwood wrapped beam wit iron brackets and new Quorum ceiling fan. Start to finish home remodel by Village Home Stores.
Barnwood wrapped beam with iron brackets and new Quorum ceiling fan. Start to finish home remodel by Village Home Stores.

Speaking of lighting updates, the dining room got a new look just by changing some of the surfaces and adding new lights. The “Pembroke” series by ELK Lighting is a stunning transitional style that looks right at home in many rooms. A six-light chandelier and two wall sconces were installed in the “Antique Brass” finish. We also extended the Hickory Rustic Beam hardwood into this dining room connecting the spaces all as one concept.

Dining Room with Paramount Rustic Beam flooring and Antique Brass ELK lighting.
Dining Room with Paramount Rustic Beam flooring and Antique Brass ELK lighting.

We just filmed this home for an upcoming epsiode of The Village Home Show that will soon air in the Quad Cities viewing area on Sundays at 10am on WQAD. We can’t wait to give you a more in-depth look at the start-to-finish remodel story. To see more of this finished project plus before and after comparisons, head over here to our Houzz profile to view the project we added. Ready for your own before and after remodel story? Just reach out to our team to get started. You can call us at (309) 944-1344 or complete this short online form on our website. Our showroom is open to the public but we encourage making an appointment to be certain you can get all of your questions answered. Village Home Stores is located at 105 S State in Downtown Geneseo, IL and we are open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm and Saturdays from 9am-noon or by appointment. We can’t wait to hear what you are working on!

Port Byron, IL- Bath Remodel Plays With Size and Pattern

Have you fallen in love with one tile….but then struggled to complete the look? Maybe that one tile is all you need! You don’t have to include a flashy mosaic accent, or mix multiple textures together to get a complete look. This Port Byron bath remodel is a wonderful example of how you can use the same tile but play with size and installation for a great look. Paramount’s “Urban Stone” series is used throughout the bathroom. Instead of covering the entire bath with the exact same tile, variations of sizes of tile are used but all in the “Cognac” color. The flooring, tub deck, threshold, shower base and walls are all tiled but with sizes varying from 1″ x 2″ to 12″ x 24″. Let our tile experts help you find the perfect material and install concept for your space. tile

When entering the new bathroom, you are greeted by a beautiful new bath vanity. This Furniture style sinktable is from our Bertch Bath line and is made not that far away from us in Waterloo, Iowa. The “Interlude” sinktable can be ordered in a variety of sizes, wood species, and finishes. A 30″ wide sinktable is installed here in a Hickory wood with “Brindle” stain applied. We love how this Brindle stain highlights the Hickory wood grain on the cabinet. An open shelf below can be left empty or used for linens or baskets of toiletries.
Bertch Bath vanities Quad Cities Region. | VillageHomeStores.com

Bertch Bath wave bowl style. | VillageHomeStores.comBertch Bath also fabricates cultured marble vanity tops. This bathroom includes one from their faux granite series. The color is called “Concrete” and has been ordered in the Gloss finish. An integrated vanity sink is included in the mold used to form this top. The “Wave” bowl style is an updated new bowl option that looks stylish and sophisticated in this space.

Another updated detail is the use of a large-format tile in a newer size and shape. 12″ x 24″ sized tiles truly are pacing themselves to become “the new” 12″ x 12″ tile. Installed as the floor tile and horizontally for the wall of the new shower, the look is great! This Port Byron bathroom began as a large space, but was not using that space as smart as it could have been. There was a separate tub and shower area in the original bathroom, but that left a lot of open space in the center of the room. That suggested that there was plenty of space for something to be larger in the new design. Now the custom tiled shower is nearly three times the size of the original:
Custom tiled walk in shower. | VillageHomeStores.com

Did you notice that with the new layout a shower door isn’t needed? Step over the tiled threshold into the shower and the showerhead and controls all splash and spray into the back of the space. To help light pour into the shower, fixed panels of glass have been installed on the wall dividing the tub and shower and also the new wall on entry into the bathroom. These help create a “clerestory” window effect and brighten the space naturally while adding a custom look. glass_areasTiled shower niche. | VillageHomeStores.comDon’t forget to discuss with your designer at Village Home Stores where you will be keeping things in the new shower. Chances are your designer, tile salesperson, and even tile installer will suggest a tiled shelf or wall niche. It would be a shame to have a gorgeous new tiled shower customized to fit in your space and not include an option like this to customize your use of the space. Who wants to have to keep soaps and shampoos on the floor of the shower?! Be sure to check out this ideabook on our Houzz page showcasing other tiled showers. This ideabook includes shower niches, tiled shelves, and custom tiled benches we have posted from our past projects.

The tub area is no longer dark and crowded. Instead, a tiled tub deck seems to just be an extension of the custom shower. The same small-scale tile used as the shower floor is repeated as an accent surrounding the tub surround. Even with all of this medium-dark tile throughout, the bathroom layout keeps the space bright and feeling open.
Bathroom tile. | VillageHomeStores.com

Didn’t the bathroom turn out great? We have also featured the kitchen remodel from this same home here on the blog. Be sure to check out the entire album (including before photos) of images from this remodel story here over on our Houzz page. Tired of reading before and after stories of other customers? Are you ready to start your own before and after story? Contact us today to take that first step! (309) 944-1344.


Atkinson, IL- Four Bath Looks in One New Home

The best thing about showcasing a new home to you is that we have the opportunity to show you so many examples of what our customers are selecting for their spaces all from the same project. In this Atkinson, IL home built by Evergreen Custom Homes we are able to show you four beautiful bathroom spaces each with their own look and concept.

Master Bath:
Master Bathroom ideas. | VillageHomeStores.com

Cherry cabinetry from our Koch Classic line has been installed in the same doorstyle and finish as the kitchen we featured in our last postThis flat-panel style of door is so versatile. The Master Bath design is a warm zen look using earthtones and a variety of textures. The main wall of cabinets in the Master has been arranged in a variety of depths and heights to give a unique and customized look.
Master bathroom ideas. | VillageHomeStores.com

There are two sink vanity areas divided by a window and bench in the center of the wall. Against each corner rests the tallest base cabinet. A wall cabinet above is installed all the way down to the countertop surface. The sink bases have been ordered at a shorter height so that once the vessel sink is in place, the height is just right for a user to operate and utilize the vanity.
Storage bench in bathroom. | VilageHomeStores.com

A large window at the center of the wall is installed at just the right height to leave enough space below for a bench with storage. The same Cambria “Hampshire” quartz has been installed here as the top to the bench. Quartz is a fantastic choice for bathroom counters because you get the look of a natural stone but never have to worry about maintenance. Quartz is a man-made and non-porous material so no products you will be using in the bathroom can penetrate or damage the material at all.

On the opposite wall is the mirror image of the vanity area we shared earlier. This image below shows you the variety of depths used in the design as well. Every time the height of a cabinet changes, the depth does as well. This adds interest and also allows for enough space for the Cambria counters to have an overhang on the front of the cabinets.
Bathroom ideas, | VillageHomeStores.com

The custom tiled shower in this Master Bath is one of our favorite features of the new home. Dual rain shower heads and a lot of space make it enviable to anyone who sees it. Custom showers allow you to truly make the most of the available space. You are able to locate the entrance and fixtures wherever you would like them. The custom glass door is not the only chance for natural light to pass into the shower. A half-wall has been placed right by the entrance and a panel of glass is fixed to the wall granting a more open feeling to the user and more access to the overall light in the room.
Custom tiled drain. | VillageHomeStores.comTile shelf in shower recessed. | VillageHomeStores.comOf course your could just install the same series of tile throughout in a custom tiled shower…. but what’s so custom about that? That is why these clients worked closely with their design team at Village Home Stores to select a variety of tiles to create a great finished look that helps to tie the entire Master Bath space together. Speaking of custom, even the shower drain has been customized. This square unit can be tiled to match your design perfectly. The 2″ x 2″ “Emperador Dark” marble tile used for this shower floor is the perfect compliment to the Cambria “Hampshire” quartz counters installed on the vanity tops and bench seat. A sill piece of Cambria is used at the entrance to the shower and as a ledge on the half-wall. The mosaic tile was even used to add a design detail as a transition from the 12″ x 24″ StonePeak “Limestone Honey” floor tiles into the walk-in closet and bedroom of the Master Suite. mosaic tile as transition. | VillageHomeStores.com

Powder Room:

Located on the first floor of this home is the Powder Room. Powder Rooms are the perfect spaces to showcase your personal style and really try something different. This will be the Bath used by your guests so make a memorable first impression with your selections for the space. These clients worked with their designers at Village Home Stores and selected a statement bath vanity and paired it with a unique vessel bowl.
Bertch Bath Interlude bath vanity. | VillageHomeStores.com

Vessel sink vanity. | VillageHomeStores.comThe “Graphite Grey” paint has been applied to Bertch Bath’s Interlude Series cabinetry. This 30″ vanity has a Transitional style and furniture look with square legs attached to the vanity. A bottom-drawer configuration allows plumbing access behind the doors above and added storage below for toilet paper, towels, or any other items needed in the Powder Room. Vessel bowls continue to be a great way to add style to a bathroom space. The Master Bath featured above also included vessel sinks but in a brighter and smoother material. The Powder Room vessel has a dark and dramatic look that is complimented by the grey cultured marble slab top  with dark black veining movement.

Lower Level Bath:

The Lower Level of the home includes a large bathroom with vanity, linen cabinet, and cultured marble top. “Cultured Marble” is a general term for bathroom vanity tops that are formed by pouring a material into a mold to create a surface. A current trend in vanity tops like this is to give the look of an under-mounted bowl to a granite or quartz top. At first glance this top looks a lot like a quartz one… but take a step closer and see that it is a cultured marble vanity top similar to those we have been installing for decades and decades. bathroom ideas | VillageHomeStores.com

Many times the bowl is integrated into this surface and by simply adding a white or off-white color for the bowl, the illusion of an under-mount sink is achieved. The Onyx Collection is one of our top-selling marble top products. They also can make custom shower bases and walls in addition to many other bathroom products. Onyx Collection bathroom vanity top. | VillageHomeStores.com

With many colors and styles to select from plus the option to customize your vanity or shower project, this Midwest-based company is a great option for your bathroom. Current trends within these cultured marble vendors is to have more flecked patterns similar to a quartz look. The top shown in this Lower Level Bath is the “Genesis” color in a gloss finish. These cultured tops can be ordered in a standard gloss finish or with a matte finish.

Upstairs Bath:

This Upstairs Bath is home to a vanity that matches the Master Bath shown above. There is another custom tiled shower in this bath that we wanted to showcase in this blog post. This Upstairs Bath shower is the same size and configuration of a standard tub/shower commonly found in a bathroom this size. In this space is a great new opportunity to create a custom area with a lot of textures and style. Honed Travertine tile fills up most of this shower. A shower head and handheld unit are located above the controls at the entrance to the shower. shower

shower_ledgeThe smooth texture of the Travertine tiles is a great contrast to the pebbled floor of the shower. Flat pebble tiles by Pietra Art add a fun texture in appearance and experience. Bare feet get a massage every time you use the shower. The same pebble tile is used as an accent stripe vertically on the back wall. A bench seat has also been installed and tiled into the corner of shower.

This Atkinson, IL home gave us an opportunity to show you a variety of design concepts and materials that can help inspire your own bathroom project. Didn’t see anything that was quite your style here at this home? Be sure to get inspired with us elsewhere online! Our Pinterest board of Bathrooms is a great place to get started. If you are on Houzz be sure to check out our ideabooks of Bathrooms as well as Custom Tiled Showers for many more ideas to help inspire your own space. Episode 7 of the Village Home Show is another great way to get inspired for your new bathroom. Watch the full episode here to see two bathrooms remodeled into beautiful new magazine-cover looks. Or click this link to read up on other Bathrooms we have featured here on the blog. Get in touch with Village Home Stores today to start the conversation about the project you are wanting to get started on. (309) 944-1344Village_phone_number

Bettendorf Bathroom Remodel: Master Bath Rejuvenated


Starting 2016 off…in the bathroom? Well, we figured there is no better place to start the year of featured projects than where you start your own day… the bathroom! bow front vanity by Bertch Bath. | VillageHomeStores.com

It’s where you begin and end your day. If your home layout includes a Master Suite, your Master Bath can be a true escape from the rest of the home. What good is it to have a Master Suite with a bathroom that isn’t really functional for your own needs? That was the case for this Bettendorf family.
Bathroom remodel in Bettendorf, IA. | VillageHomeStores.com

A big bright space to work with but an original layout that just wasn’t the best for them. For example, if you look above at the before and after of the exterior vanity area just outside of the bathroom you see a sink. That was the original Master Bath. While having a vanity sink in your main master bedroom may work in a Hotel type setting… at home, it wasn’t ideal. The new layout added not just one but two vanity sinks and both now live in the Master Bath itself.
Bow front vanity cabinet. | VillageHomeStores.com

This double bowl vanity configuration includes vanity cabinets from our Bertch Bath line. The transitional style of the “Osage” door can be ordered in a number of woods and finishes. Shown here in the Birch wood and “Brindle” finish is by far it’s most popular combination. The option to remove the toespace and add “feet” to any cabinet can be a great look. It takes a cabinet and gives it a real furniture-style look. You have a choice of 4 wooden and 3 metal feet  within the Bertch line. This configuration is compiled by two sink bases and a drawer stack in the center.
Bertch Bath Osage Brindle bow front vanity. | VillageHomeStores.com

Another look that can really dress up your cabinetry and countertop in a bathroom is to consider a “bow-front” cabinet. Each of the sinkbases used in this Bettendorf Bath were ordered with a bow-front. This subtle curve mimics a chest of drawers or a formal sideboard cabinet. The added curves to the vanity top also helps the long double bowl vanity look less basic and instead stunning as your first view on entering the Bath.

Just outside of the Master Bath entrance is that original location for the vanity sink. The new design has transformed this into a more traditional sink-less vanity area that can be used as a landing space or a hair and makeup station. This exterior vanity has a wood top which makes the cabinet seem more formal and at home in the nook of the Master Bedroom.showerbeforeandafterIf you look at the first Before/After image we shared at the beginning of this post, you can see the original Bath had a small shower in the front corner of the space. On the opposite end of the Bath was a large soaking Jacuzzi tub with a window above. With a tub/shower unit in the Bath just next door to this Master Bath, the new design now includes one large walk-in shower. With the shower-head section of the shower concealed with glass, no door is needed on the opposite end. Just an open entrance. The homeowner did mention that she loves the decision they made to located the shower controls near the entrance to the shower. This makes it easy to turn on the water to warm up and shut down on exiting.

We more and more of this in both new homes and remodels. use that space to give yourself a spacious and serene custom tiled shower. Our crews built a half-wall to divide the bathroom vanity area from the shower. This wall allowed a location for the glass installers to place an Oil-Rubbed Bronze channel to fix the glass into.
Custom tiled shower in Bettendorf bathroom remodel | VillageHomeStores.com

On the side of that half-wall that faces the shower user we included a custom tiled niche. This space can now house toiletries within reach of the user and also keep them out of sight. By designing a custom tiled shower in your space in place of a freestanding shower unit, you can customize your experience and get a look perfect for your room.

Inside of that niche is the same glass mosaic tile used as a backsplash above the bathroom vanity top and as an accent strip surrounding the entire shower. Bathrooms are a perfect location to include a mosaic accent because they can truly help tie everything together.

Let’s all give a round of applause to the son of this couple who helped them find the perfect tile! Seriously folks, let your kids participate in the selection process they may really love it!  This mosaic from our Jeffery Court collection perfectly ties the main tile, vanity, fixtures, and paint color together! Hanstone quartz Royal Blanc. | VillageHomeStores.com

The countertop for the double vanity is an Engineered Quartz by Hanstone. The “Royal Blanc” quartz and undermount white oval bowls looks perfectly at home in the space and don’t distract from the rest of the finishes. Oil-Rubbed Bronze fixtures and lighting are a great compliment to the wood vanity. Do you wish your Bath could be one of our Before and After stories? Let’s get started! Call or click to make an appointment today! (309) 944-1344.

Bath Remodel: Counter Clutter Contained in Moline Bath

The Moline kitchen we featured on the blog a few weeks back also had a nearby bathroom in the home that was remodeled as well. Village Home Stores offers bathroom vanities available from all of our cabinet lines. We also carry the the full line of Bertch Bath products made not to far from us in Waterloo, IA. Bertch offers bath cabinetry in a number of sizes and layouts and can be ordered in many wood species and finishes.

vanityThis bathroom may only house one small vanity but there are a lot of great ideas within this new space. The first is the vanity itself. The “Hudson” doorstyle is one of the most versatile vanity styles available from the Bertch Bath catalog. This is because it can be finished and styled in so many different ways. The vanity in this space has been ordered in a Alder wood and dark “Brindle” finish has been applied. Decorative feet have also bee added in place of a toekick area to give a more freestanding and furniture look to the cabinet.

bathroom_cabinetBertch_Bath_MolineTo keep that furniture vanity appearance, a framed mirror has been installed above the vanity in place of a tri-view medicine cabinet that may be expected here. A single panel of beveled mirror is framed in the same mitered “Hudson” style as the doors. The single-door medicine cabinet installed on the nearby wall to the left creates a storage space for small items and keeps them off the vanity counter.

The wall outlet for this bath vanity is a very busy place. Many women can relate to the multiple devices like straighteners and blow-driers and curling rods that can clutter up a bathroom countertop. But why are these cords leading down to the floor past the vanity top? Because this bathroom was designed to accommodate all of those hair appliances!

vanity topA narrow bathroom caddy is tucked away between the bath vanity and the wall and the granite countertop has even been extended to add more counter space to the user at the vanity.

tiled_shower_VillageThe tile in this bathroom is bright and classic. New floor tile has been placed throughout and a brand new custom-tiled tub/shower surround has been installed as well. A strip of glass mosaic tile surrounds the new shower and glass corner shelves were installed for shower items. The new Stainless Steel shower head includes a removable handheld wand and multiple spray options.

tiled_showerAn tiled cubby within the shower wall was added to offer another location for shower items and accessories. This keeps clutter from piling up along the edge of the tub/shower base.

bathroom_remodel_finishesVillage Home Stores can manage your complete bathroom remodel for you. We can coordinate the entire project from start to finish. We also can offer you expert design and service for just the materials you need on your project. If you already have your own plumber or contractor to work with that is absolutely fine. We are here to help you select the right products and layout for your new bathroom. Find more great ideas over on our “Bathrooms” Pinterest board and call or click today to set up your appointment and get started on your bath remodel today with us!

Village Home Stores is located in historic Downtown Geneseo, IL at 105 South State Street. We carry Appliances Sales & Service, Cabinetry, Lighting, and Floorcovering for your project. Contact us today!remodeler_Moline