Help Us Raise Money For Geneseo Marriage and Family Counseling Services

Village Home Stores is so excited to partner again with Durian Builders for our Geneseo Giving Trees creation this holiday season. Every year we work on so many projects with the Durian team inside many area homes. All of those projects are wonderful, but this collaboration could be our most important one yet! This year you can help us bring awareness and raise funding for a cause that helps so many households in our community. We are glad to announce that the proceeds from this year’s tree and wreath collaboration will go to Geneseo Marriage and Family Counseling Services.

Scott Durian of Durian Builders puts the finishing touches on the faux fireplace he built for the Geneseo Giving Trees project.
Scott Durian of Durian Builders puts the finishing touches on the faux fireplace he built for the Geneseo Giving Trees project.

Geneseo Marriage and Family Counseling Services provides quality counseling to individuals, couples and families for multiple issues that may be affecting their lives. Therapists who work at GMFC are licensed by the state of Illinois. Fees for these services are based on a sliding scale, taking into consideration household income and number of those living in the home. Your donations can help to allow anyone who needs it access to affordable, professional counseling. Village Home Stores and Durian Builders believe everyone should have a healthy and safe household. Not just during the holidays, but every day of the year. We hope to help raise awareness about this great local cause with this tree and wreath donation. Your donations towards this year’s Geneseo Giving Tree Project will help area households get assistance in treating a variety of concerns, including individual/couple/family relationships, parent-child issues, anxiety, depression, anger management, separation/divorce/remarriage, and more.

store window with snow globe look and fireplace and tree decor for holidays
The Village Home Stores storefront window transformed into a snow globe with our Geneseo Giving Trees for 2019. Bid on this decor now- the Geneseo Christmas Walk.

Step inside our snow globe and see what we have created. This year the Geneseo Giving Trees team allowed us the option to dress trees or wreaths for a local cause. We had so much fun last year with Durian Builders that we wanted to team up again and create one styled space. A finished look that could be combined as one complete look or head to separate homes or businesses. One of the front windows of Village Home Stores was transformed into a life-sized snow globe for the occasion. Last year we asked Durian Builders to build us a weather wood tree. This year they were a bit confused at first when we asked them to build us a faux fireplace instead of a tree. We really wanted to capture a cozy feeling of “home” and just kept coming back to the idea of a fireplace and tree combination. Our wreaths and swag set help to complete the entire “room”.

Christmas Window
Village Home Stores window all dressed up for the Christmas Holiday.

Bid On Our Tree & Faux Fireplace Set

Bid on our Geneseo Giving Tree this year and you get this tree and basket PLUS our handcrafted faux fireplace! Have you ever wished you had a cozy fireplace in your master bedroom, dining room, or even a guest room? Want family staying with you over the holidays to be able to hang stockings in thier guest room? Now if you have just 42″ you can set this up for an instant cozy upgrade to your space. The winner of our tree bid will also get to take home this faux fireplace and faux birch log fire. Don’t need both? Keep one item and gift the other! Or partner up on your bid with a friend so you can share these items!

5' pencil tree in basket with faux fireplace and logs.
5′ pencil tree in basket with faux fireplace and logs. Donated by Village Home Stores and Durian Builders for 2019 Geneseo Giving Trees

Bid On This Set of Wreaths & Swag

Bid on this set of three wreaths and decorative swag to add style to your home. These Scandinavian-inspired wreaths and stunning swag can be displayed together or separate. Anyone can shop Target or Pottery Barn for the holidays. Set yourself apart! Imagine your home entryway or mantle all “decked” out with these custom pieces. When you bid on our “wreath” you are actually going to win all three wreathes and this swag. The ribbon can be tacked to any wall or string them all up on a rustic branch or dowel to hang.

set of hoop wreaths with minimal Scandinavian inspired holiday decor attached
Geneseo Giving Trees set of 3 hoop wreaths and matching garland. Donated by Village Home Stores and Durian Builders with proceeds going to Geneseo Marriage and Family Counseling Services.

Looking for holiday decor inspiration? Look to the sky! Don’t you just love how blue the sky looks on a snowy day? We wanted to create a mix of holiday textures and decor that were on trend but upscale. We blended velvet ribbon, vintage brass, flocked pine, fuzzy lambs ear greenery, warm chenille, and wooden beads. We chose to accent with a dusty denim blue color in place of the expected red or green. The finished decor is a winter wonderland of dreamy textures and tones. Speaking or texture, we MUST give a proper shoutout to Derrick Seys who took our faux fireplace to the next level by painting a realistic firebox inside. And a huge thank you to Chance Nordstrom for welding this geometric log holder for our birch logs.

Geometric log holder with birch logs and fairy lights
Geometric log holder with birch logs and fairy lights.

Get The Look With These DIY Tips:

Last year many of your made your own clear eucalyptus ornaments like ours, so we want to share another fun DIY this year. We made these chenille tassels and hoop ornaments and they were very easy. Make your own for your tree or create a few for festive gift tags. Purchasing one bundle of yarn or ribbon that matches your tree allows you to create all kinds of custom ornaments and decor. If you can tie a knot then you can make these tassels we premise! Here is a breakdown of how we made ours:

DIY chenille tassel ornaments with wood beads

To get the “frosty” look of our snow globe (shown below on left side of image) we mixed up a DIY batch of epsom salt and water to paint the outside edge of our frosty window. To get this look simple dissolve 1 cup of epsom salt in 1 cup boiling water. Stir to dissolve and then add 2-3 drops of dish soap. Apply to glass using a paint brush, sponge, or foam brush. Allow 24 hours to dry. This “frosty” look will last 2-3 weeks and can be easily washed off with mild soap and water.

Epsom salt DIY frost for windows
Epsom salt DIY frost for windows.

We are proud to support GMFC this year with our giving tree.  Their efforts working with Henry County residents the past few years has been outstanding and is making a huge difference many people’s lives.  We are hopeful with additional support, they can continue and expand to reaching even more!

-Jim Ries, Co-Owner of Village Home Stores

We are so happy to be participating again this year with a giving trees. 100% of the money raised by the Geneseo Giving Trees goes directly to 11 local non-profits. To connect with Geneseo Marriage and Family Counseling Services or to request more information, visit their website here. If you are in need of immediate help, please note these other important phone numbers: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-8255 and The Center for Youth and Family Solutions (800) 200-6804.

Geneseo Giving Tree 2018- Weathered Wonderland

We are so excited to be a part of such an active and thriving small business community in Geneseo, Illinois. Our community supports small business and each other so much it’s impossible for the support not to be contagious! We are so thrilled to be involved in a brand new way to give back by participating in the inaugural year of the Geneseo’s Giving Trees! Today our tree is in place at the Village Home Stores showroom at 105 S State Street in downtown Geneseo, IL and we couldn’t be happier with how our team’s vision has come to life with Christmas Magic! This is our Weathered Wonderland Tree now available for auction:

Wooden barnwood Christmas tree built by Durian Builders and Village Home Stores for the Geneseo Giving Trees event to benefit Rebuilding Together Henry County. |
Photo by Laura Kashner

The goal of Geneseo’s Giving Trees is to see businesses partner up to create a tree design that can be auctioned off for proceeds to be given to a local charity. We have partnered up with a crew that we are pretty used to working with, Durian Builders. If you love seeing our before and after remodel stories that we share here on the blog and on our TV show, then you are familiar with their craftsmanship. The partnership between Durian and Village Home Stores was a perfect match and we decided to choose Rebuilding Together Henry County as our charity. We knew we would make a great team but we never dreamed the tree would turn out this great!
Geneseo Giving Tree 2018 Weathered Wonderland. Barnwood tree built by Durian Builders and trimmed by Village Home Stores with proceeds raised to help Rebuiding Together Henry County. |

The team at Durian Builders decided instead of purchasing a tree… why not make a tree? Well, because that’s not that easy …right? It is if you are a skilled carpenter with vision. We searched all of Pinterest and Scott never found what he had as his own vision… so he sketched it up and went to work with his own idea. When he sent us an update that he had found the perfect stack of reclaimed barnwood to work with, we knew we were on the right track. Geneseo Giving Tree built from barnwood by Durian Builders and decorated by Village Home Stores to benefit Rebuilding Together Henry County. |

From that pile of wood, Durian and friends built us a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree that we were certain could stand out as unique. But how to dress it without covering up all of that great character? We decided to take a trend that we have seen take off in Interior Design and Lighting and translate it into Christmas decor. An Upscale, Weathered, Coastal style has branched off of the Farmhouse trend and we thought a Coastal vibe would be a perfect fit for weather barnwood. To light the tree we wrapped copper LED fairy lights around a thick jute rope. Eucalyptus Christmas idea! Take clear lanterns and hang from your tree with small bouquets of greenery. |

Of course no tree is a tree without some greenery on it. We kept our greens on trend by using varieties of faux Eucalyptus contained in transparent vessels. Small lanterns hang from five of the branches with small bouquets inside of them. The most talked about part of the decor are our DIY ornaments. We fully grant you permission to steal this idea!
Great eucalyptus ornament DIY idea! Take clear ornaments and fill with faux greenery. |

We took a large pile of shatterproof transparent Christmas Bulbs and filled them with sprigs of faux eucalyptus. This would be a super fun and safe DIY Christmas craft for a family to do together. We re-capped them and added a single simple loop ribbon and they are one of our favorite parts of the tree! Pin this and many more ideas to your own Pinterest boards by following our Holiday Decor board here. All of the ornaments hang from brass hooks applied to the tree branches.Burlap Christmas idea! Wrap ornaments in burlap strips for your tree. |

As an added stringed element to compliment the lighted rope, we made wooden bead swags. Medium-sized wooden beads strung on jute rope were painted with a white paint distressing finish and then given a subtle brushing of a pearled champagne wash for a little sparkle. Weathered wooded beads are a huge trend right now in home lighting and you should see some of the fixtures we have on display in this category.
Coastal Christmas idea! String and paint wooden beads for your tree. |

This tree was created with many neutral colors in mind so that it can be easily placed in any settings. You can always add your own punch of a favorite color or change elements of it year to year. Don’t you think you need this tree in your own home? You can have it! A bid sheet has been placed inside of our store window next to the tree. Opening bids begin Friday November 16th and bids may be placed in $25 increments. Our tree will be on display in the showroom window and available to bid on from November 16th through December 10th. Farmhouse Christmas idea! Wrap ornaments in fabric strips for your tree. |

If you just can’t wait until then to take your tree home, you can take part in the Buy Now option! Any time from November 16th through December 10th you can bid the full $1,000 retail value of our tree to “win” the auction instantly! This “Buy Now” option allows you to take the tree home at any time (even before the 10th). Wouldn’t she look lovely in your home or business?
Geneseo Giving Tree built by Durian Builders and Village Home Stores to benefit Rebuilding Together Henry County. |

Stay updated on auction details and find information about all of Geneseo’s Giving Trees here on their Facebook page. To bid on our tree stop by anytime M-F from 9am-5pm or Saturdays from 9am-noon. You can call in your bids during business hours at (309) 944-1344 as well. Please note that a comment on any Facebook post or Instagram Post with an auction bid does not qualify as a bid. You must come enter a bid on the sheet or call it in. Geneseo Christmas Tree built by Durian Builders and Village Home Stores to benefit Rebuilding Together Henry County. |

You can learn more about Rebuilding Together Henry County here on their website. If you would like to make a donation to them in the giving spirit of the holidays, we have a donations jar at our front desk. Learn more about Durian Builders here on their website and if you see any of their crew around town be sure to thank them for helping make our tree truly one-of-a-kind. Please stop by to see us this Holiday season and see it in person. Thank you so much to the Giving Trees committee for putting an idea into action and empowering so many small businesses with a way to give back this year.