White Kitchen With Inset Doors and Shiplap Ceiling in Milan, IL

White painted cabinetry is a consistently classic look for a kitchen. For certain projects however, one added detail can take that look to a new level. That detail is choosing an inset cabinetry construction. The term inset means that the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are recessed back into the cabinet faceframes when closed. This gives a very customized furniture-style look to the cabinetry. This option is available from custom and semi-custom lines of cabinet product at Village Home Stores. This Milan, IL kitchen was given the full remodel treatment and for the vision of this new kitchen in the home, inset door cabinetry by Dura Supreme was the perfect choice.

White inset kitchen with farm sink, wood hood, Stainless Steel appliances, and ship lap ceiling treatment. Kitchen design and complete remodel from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

The original kitchen was walled-off and sectioned into a small sink area and another cooking area The refrigerator was on its own across the way. Our team removed a wall that divided the dining area from the kitchen to open up the room and create a more open concept into the dining and front room of the home. Two windows were replaced with one large window now offering panoramic views to anyone at the kitchen farm sink in its new location. When the flooring was removed, this great pine floor was revealed beneath it. We think keeping the original wood floors was a fantastic choice with this bright, white new setting.

White inset kitchen with farm sink, Stainless Steel appliances, and ship lap ceiling treatment. Kitchen design and complete remodel from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

Even though this kitchen may have farmhouse feel, the appliances needed to have modern features while looking at home in the new space. We included a tall pantry cabinet to the left of the refrigerator for a surrounded and customized refrigeration look. A KitchenAid counter depth refrigerator keeps that built-in look locked in tight. Counter depth refrigeration is a modern feature that can really be a miracle worker when kitchen designing in small spaces. Another built-in appliance that is worth noting is the microwave.

White remodeled kitchen with Stainless Steel appliances including a Sharp over the counter microwave and KitchenAid counter depth refrgerator. Complete kitchen remodel from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

The over-the-counter microwave from Sharp allows you to have the off-the-counter convenience of a microwave hood without installing it as your hood. This microwave option gave the client an opportunity to take a more decorative approach to a range hood across the room. We have installed examples of all microwave location options at our showroom in Geneseo, IL. You can shop all of our appliances online, anytime at villagehomestores.com or by stopping in our showroom at 105 S State Geneseo, IL.

White remodeled kitchen with Stainless Steel appliances including a Sharp over the counter microwave. Complete kitchen remodel from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

We mentioned the floors… but did you see those ceilings? Shiplap style boards were installed and painted to give a completed look from floor to ceiling. Walking into this completed kitchen remodel the wow factor truly is in every single surface! From the storied original pine floors to the statement Shiplap ceiling. A farmhouse apron-front sink and new stainless dishwasher are located on the bright new window wall.

White inset kitchen with farm sink, Arabescato marble counters, and ship lap ceiling treatment. Kitchen design and complete remodel from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

Keeping the kitchen design bright and airy on the sink wall, three floating shelves are located above the dishwasher (see image below). We can order shelving like this for any space. We are seeing a long-term trend for kitchens, bathrooms, home bars, and built-in fireplace shelving to have a more open look like this. We see the potential for styling these open shelf spaces year round but love this everyday simple look of glassware in a pop of color.

White kitchen with floating wall shelves. Complete kitchen remodel from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

A 30″ slide in gas range by KitchenAid is the superstar appliance in this kitchen. The help of convection cooking produces flawless results for you. The convection fan ensures the inside of the entire oven is heated to (and stays at) the perfect consistent temperature. Plus the oven cavity cleans in less than an hour without odors at a low heat using water to release baked-on spills!

White remodeled kitchen with Stainless Steel KitchenAid gas range. Complete kitchen remodel with appliances from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

A steam rack on the interior offers the ability to provide additional moisture to the inside of the oven, enhancing cooking results. Speaking of results, there is even a wireless probe that lets cooks walk away from the oven without walking away from control. The probe can easily be set to specific temperatures, and alerts you when the desired temperature has been reached. There is also a baking drawer beneath the oven. The separate compartment allows you to keep warm, slow cook or bake at a different temperature and keep dishes warm. That’s like having a second oven!

White remodeled kitchen with glass subway tile and Stainless Steel KitchenAid gas range. Complete kitchen remodel from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

Beautiful Arabescato Marble countertops were installed throughout this kitchen. Glazzio’sCrystile “Ice Mist” glossy glass subway tiles in a 3″ x 6″ size introduces a seaglass color and adds a coastal layer to the kitchen finishes. Clean and bright wall switches and outlets from our Legrand Radiant series look amazing. Many times our tile customers are curious what to do at the “end” of a run of wall tile. We use a channeled product called a Schluter Strip (shown below on right) to give a cleaner, completed look.

White remodeled kitchen with Ice Mist glass subway tile backsplash. Complete kitchen remodel from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

Dura Supreme cabinetry in the Homestead non-beaded doorstyle painted white is paired with bright surface selections to give this home the spacious and stylish kitchen it deserves. The symmetry of the new range wall is perfection.

White remodeled kitchen with glass subway tile backsplash and custom wood range hood. Complete kitchen remodel from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

We installed our energy efficient Diode LED lighting as undercabinet and in-cabinet lighting for this project. The clerestory style of a glass-door top section is styled and illuminated perfectly. This lighting system is low-voltage so you can leave it on anytime with minimal power use. A stainless hood would be a bit modern for this kitchen. So the design includes paneled a wood hood cabinet with blower insert in the space.

Kitchen wood range hood from Dura Supreme. Complete kitchen remodel from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

A mantle and decorative corbels create a shallow ledge area that can be left clean (as shown) or be home to a wreath, accessories, or leaning artwork if you see fit. There is such a gallery effect when you have a bright white kitchen like this. You can style it differently year round and let your accessories truly pop against the white paint.

Kitchen wood range hood mantle detail from Dura Supreme. Complete kitchen remodel from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

Any remodel or new build project comes with hundreds of decisions to be made. Our store will build you a team of experts from each department that you are shopping so we can walk you through your choices and help you decide what is the best choice for your project and your budget. When choosing inset cabinetry you have the option of a concealed or exposed hinge for your doors. This kitchen showcases an exposed barrel hinge in a brushed nickel finish to compliment the kitchen.

Inset cabinetry from Dura Supreme design and materials from Village Home Stores. Complete kitchen remodel from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

The nickel finish offers a sheen without a very dark contrast. It also compliments the Stainless Steel appliances in the completed kitchen. A great door and drawer hardware choice for inset cabinetry was also made in this design. The Highland Ridge Collection has a latching mechanism to keep doors closed and aligned. This style of hardware works well in modern and farmhouse styles and can be ordered in a variety of finishes. We paired this door hardware with classic cup pulls on the drawers.

Inset cabinetry latching door hardware. Complete kitchen remodel from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

To see more of this kitchen, be sure to check out the full album of photos here on our Houzz profile. It is amazing how much removing a wall from an existing kitchen can change the flow of the entire home. This new open kitchen plan has dramatically changed this home for the better! If this was your kitchen would you ever want to leave? We are so blessed to get to bring dream spaces like this to life for our clients.

White inset kitchen with farm sink, wood hood, Stainless Steel appliances, and ship lap ceiling treatment. Kitchen design and complete remodel from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

Is your own home ready for a new look? Our remodel process includes an expertly created design with full color renderings of the completed space so you can get a clear vision of what the finished look will be before we even start estimating product. If you have been considering a remodel that includes wall removal or relocation, this is a key part of our process you will so appreciate. Your first step in the process is to simple reach out. You can call us at 309 944 1344 or complete this short online form for a member of our design team to connect with you. We ca’t wait to get started on your dream space!

Phone number for Village Home Stores 309 944 1344 Complete kitchen remodels from start to finish by Village Home Stores.

Geneseo, IL- White Kitchen With Matte Black Granite Tops

We are so excited to share this kitchen feature with you because we know that this finished space is a perfect match to many of our reader’s own taste. When the term “Farmhouse” or “Modern Farmhouse” gets used that can truly mean a number of things. Just like any style term, it can mean something different to each person. But when your home has panoramic views of the Midwest countryside plus all of these great farmhouse details we think Modern Farmhouse is just the right fit.
Modern farmhouse style in a remodeled Geneseo, IL kitchen. | VillageHomeStores.com

We hope to be able to share this full kitchen story on the Village Home Show sometime soon. And who are we kidding? You came here to see the finished kitchen! For the sake of this blog feature we do want to give you some sense of how far this space has come during the transformation. The original kitchen and dining room spaces were divided by a center wall. The cramped kitchen had cabinetry in a medium wood with dated countertops. Bottom line: the busiest room of the house did not match this family’s lifestyle or reflect their personal tastes. beforesThe complete Project Management program at Village Home Stores is available for those who are ready for not just the expert design and material selection, but our entire proven process. We coordinate everything from the very beginning until the final walk-through. Estimates are prepared in detail based on meetings involving ALL PARTIES. That helps to keep the scheduling and communication as seamless as possible once work begins. This kitchen remodel involved a full team of experts from Village Home Stores along with carpenters, electricians, plumbers, plasterworkers, flooring, and tile installers.duringThe end result is a show-stopping take on the Modern Farmhouse style. Now the kitchen has opened up into a large great room space including a dining room, a desk/bar area, and nearby family room. A long kitchen island provides a versatile space for storage, worksurface, and even dining. Farmhouse painted white kitchen remodeled by Quad Cities kitchen experts Village Home Stores. | VillageHomeStores.com

Natural light pours into the space from the sliding glass doors facing the back of the property. New light oak hardwood flooring has been installed throughout and it is the perfect platform to showcase the new kitchen and furnishings. The floor is from Hallmark Floors in their “Novella” series and “Twain” finish.

The hardwood gives a natural look and feel to the room but without too much wild variation in color from plank to plank. Bright white painted cabinetry from our Koch Classic line has been installed in the “Savannah” doorstyle. The classic, flat-panel door is the perfect choice for any Transitional kitchen space. This door is considered a “reversed center panel” door. That means that this center (flat) section is not thin or flimsy. Instead it is a thick, raised panel reverse-installed to make a very solid, sturdy door. An over-the-counter microwave by Sharp® includes 1100 watts and 1.5 cu. ft. capacity.
Sharp's over the counter microwave in a remodeled Geneseo, IL kitchen. | VillageHomeStores.com

Would you believe that a kitchen we are calling “Modern Farmhouse” doesn’t have a farm sink!?! It’s true! We think this kitchen checks all the right boxes without needing one! A Stainless Steel sink has been undermounted to the granite tops and a single drill kitchen faucet with pull-out sprayer has been installed.
A Geneseo, IL kitchen with brushed Black Pearl granite counters. | VillageHomeStores.com

The main focal point of the back wall is the new chimney hood area. This 30″ wide Stainless hood extends all the way to the ceiling and so does the beautiful new tile. “Glossy White” Subway Tile from our Soho series in a classic 3″ x 6″ size has been installed throughout the kitchen. Installing the tile within this entire hood area creates a bright, glossy texture and the shape of the tile helps to draw your eye.
A Geneseo, IL kitchen with stainless hood and subway tile all the way to ceiling. | VillageHomeStores.com

As a contrast to the white glossy tile, a matte finished granite has been selected for the kitchen counters. “Black Pearl” granite in the “Brushed” finish almost gives a leather look to the tops. Matte black accents are a huge trend moving into 2017 and in this kitchen that trend is made classic. A standard “Eased” edge has been applied to the granite slabs. Brushed finished granite add a touchable texture and help to soften the look of stone counters.
Brushed Black Pearl granite counters in a Modern Farmhouse style kitchen. | VillageHomeStores.com

The center island in the new space boasts a large countertop surface but also a lot of great storage below. Located at the very center of all activity it is the perfect place for pots and pans storage as well as small appliances and items for food prep. The top center drawer has been ordered to include a divided top drawer for flatware and cutlery.
A Geneseo, IL kitchen with Koch cabinets and divided top drawer. | VillageHomeStores.com

The base cabinets with doors have been fit with adjustable slide-out shelves. These are ideal for storing pots and pans or keeping other containers and dishes with lids organized. Having this kitchen island directly behind the range area creates a wonderful available surface for prep as well as unloading the double oven when needed.
A Geneseo, IL kitchen with Koch cabinets and slideout shelves. | VillageHomeStores.com

Outlets have also been installed on the end of the kitchen island for easy access for small appliances. These outlets aren’t only there for a mixer or blender…consider this island in your own home. Would you mind setting up your work-from-home office here or a homework station? If you need a device charged or a laptop plugged in the outlet is right there. It is important to note that many kitchen islands have become the center of ALL activity. That includes working for many people. If the island isn’t the right space to work at there is a desk area designated just across the room.
A Geneseo, IL kitchen with desk and bar area. | VillageHomeStores.com

A stack of drawers and counter surface has been dropped down to “desk height” and this workspace is still within eyesight or earshot of anyone working in the kitchen. Two full-height door cabinets and a glass-front beverage cooler complete this wall of cabinetry with a versatile location perfect for entertaining. Setting up this counter as a beverage station will be perfect when guests are over. It will not be in the way of anyone working in the kitchen.  Now a cold drink is just a few steps inside from the patio doors.
Reclaimed barnwood floating shelves by collaboration from Reclaimed Salvage and Durian Builders. | VillageHomeStores.com

The carpentry work for this remodel was completed by the crew at Durian Builders. They teamed up with  Reclaimed Salvage who provided the reclaimed barnwood for these awesome floating shelves. We want to give a special shout out to the homeowner who also took on some projects for this remodel. The family room was given a new wall treatment and the pantry barn doors turned out amazing! We were so thrilled to help make this space better fit this family in function and style. They were wonderful to work with.farm-kitchen-style

See something in this kitchen that would be on your own dream kitchen wishlist? View the full album of over 50 photos from the kitchen remodel here on our award-winning Houzz page. Do you love something special about this kitchen feature? Be sure to save any of these ideas to your own Pinterest boards or Houzz ideabooks. When you are ready to start the conversation about your own project give us a call at (309) 944-1344 or complete this online form and someone from our team will be in touch. footer

Moline, IL- The Best Remodels Are The Ones You Never Knew Happened

The best remodels are the ones you never knew happened? What on Earth do we mean by this?!? Simply that a kitchen (or any well-designed space) should look naturally “at home” in your home. The fact that it has been remodeled recently shouldn’t necessarily be a dead giveaway.  If that is apparent, you run the risk of it looking “dated” within 5 years or so. This is especially true for historic homes. Making classic choices in materials and application that enhance and compliment your home are always the right choices. A great example of this is a kitchen remodel we recently completed in Moline, IL. This new kitchen looks perfectly at home in the space yet updated with modern touches at the same time. We will confidently be able to say the same thing years down the road. Remodeled Moline, IL kitchen. | VillageHomeStores.com

A cabinet design using our Koch Classic line is installed in the “Prairie” doorstyle in a painted “White” finish. A single slab-style drawer front has been selected for the drawers. Floating shelves in an Oak wood stained in a “Mocha” finish accent the sink wall.  Neutral gray tone-on tone Engineered Quartz counters break up the space and a dark hardwood floor adds drama to the completed look. farmhouse kitchen ideas | VillageHomeStores.com

beforeThe original kitchen was in this same area of the back of the home. For storage however, only a single wall of cabinetry surrounding the sink was installed. This left an empty wall for the range to rest on and a refrigerator to float on another. Not ideal for a busy family. Also take into consideration ther is no dishwasher in the original layout. put a drying rack on that countertop and now there is even less space available. The new layout converts this single-wall design into an L-shape and adds storage in every inch possible. Added storage and plenty of added counter space that is so important surrounding the cooking center of the new kitchen. With the range wall now included in the cabinetry layout, the sink wall can have a more open look. Instead of a solid block of built-in cabinetry, there are glass-front cabinets and contrasting floating shelves.  The same dark wood finish from the floors is repeated in the oak floating shelves installed to the left of the sink. These floating shelves add a modern detail to the New-Traditional styled space. Painted white kitchen ideas. | VillageHomeStores.comFloating shelves in kitchen. | VillageHomeStores.comThese floating shelves are balanced by the classic glass-front cabinet doors on the opposite side of the sink. The best result from this new cabinet design on the sink wall is how open and uncrowded the user at the sink now feels. Natural light pours in from the window above the sink as well as the others on the back wall of the home. An always classic choice in a kitchen design like this is the use of an apron-front or “farmhouse” sink. This single decision can make such a huge impact of the finished look of the kitchen. This 26″ wide single-well apron sink has been under-mounted to Engineered Quartz counters in the “Fossil Gray” color. A standard “Eased” edge is another classic choice for the project.  A heavy and ornate “Ogee” edge would seem out of place here.

farm_sinkAnother classic choice is the application of an apron sink. It is almost impossible to imagine this kitchen without an apron-front sink. Of course the most effortlessly classic pairing with an apron-front sink is subway tile. This kitchen takes that concept and steps it up a bit with an incredible material detail: an elongated size. Long Subway Tile backsplash in kitchen. | VillageHomeStores.com

While a classic subway tile may measure 3″ x 6″, these elongated tiles from our American Olean line are 2″ x 8″. The series is named “Urban Canvas” and the color is “Ice White”. This exaggerates the classic look of subway tile and makes a huge impact with the detail. The use of simple and clean lines in the details of your overall design can help spotlight other key areas.  A subtle gray quartz top doesn’t distract from the overall look. By selecting a complimenting gray grout to the quartz counters it helps to showcases the tile shape. dishwasher_with_third_rack

The kitchen appliances selected for this Moline home bring modern conveniences and a high-end look to the space. KitchenAid’s new look gets you professional-level results and appearance.  The new kitchen layout now includes a space for this Stainless Steel dishwasher. A third rack on the interior of this dishwasher makes it easy to clean hard-to-place items such as spatulas, serving utensils and measuring cups, freeing up space in the lower two racks. Speaking of space, the range in this kitchen has a lot of it and it is just a 30″ range! This 30″ Gas convection Slide-In Range  has a great look and a lot of fantastic features including a baking drawer.
Warming drawer | VillageHomeStores.com

Yes you read that correctly. This isn’t just a warming drawer, it is a baking drawer! This range comes armed with the easy to use drawer that allows you to keep warm, slow cook or bake at a different temperature from the oven plus the ability to keep dishes warm. The ability to bake at two temperatures and a total oven capacity of 6.5 cu. ft. This range is ready for your largest of dinner parties. kitchen_painted_white

cooktopThis gas unit from KitchenAid measures 30″ in width and fits any current opening that a freestanding range may leave. The cooktop on the unit boasts a 5-burner layout. 5 burners with a wide range of cooking power from 5,000 to 19,000 BTU’s. Everything from a rolling boil to a delicate simmer is covered. The continuous grates make it easy to slide from burner to burner if needed.

Layout changes and modern upgrades with a nod to the historic roots of this farmhouse, what a beautiful new space! See the entire gallery of images from this remodel story over here on our houzz.com portfolio. Find product details and begin organizing and collaborating with Village Home Stores for your own kitchen with the ideas from this and other projects we have completed. 4776467611516928

If you are interested in beginning the remodel process with us, take the first step. Reach out for an appointment to discuss what your dream kitchen can look like. You can reach us by phone at (309) 944-1344 or contact us here on our website by filling out this short form. We know there are so many beautiful properties in the Quad Cities Region that deserve the perfect remodel project that respects the style of the home while still reflecting your own personal style. This Moline, IL kitchen turned out so wonderful! Thank you so much to these amazing customers for their business and for letting us show you around. Village_Home_Stores (1)