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Promotional Granite and Quartz Countertops!

promo_coverConsidering a countertop replacement or new counters as part of a kitchen project? We now have 8 Granite and 2 Engineered Quartz countertop materials that are at a special promotional price now through December 31, 2015. Granite counters at $49/ sq. ft. and Quartz counters at $59/ sq. ft. and those prices INCLUDE TEMPLATE AND INSTALLATION!  Also included are a standard under-mount sink opening, standard faucet drills and a free project quote based on customer’s dimension drawing. If you are unsure how to measure your existing tops for a quote, a designer from Village Home Stores can provide a job site measurement for a $50 charge (that will be later applied as a payment to your final invoice).

includesChoose from the following promotional Granites at just $49/ sq. ft. each: Caledonia, Coffee Brown, Tropical Brown, Uba Tuba, India Black Pearl, India Black Pearl (brushed finish), Impanema White, and Venetian Gold:

Granite_Sale_Quad_CitiesIf maintenance free, foodsafe, and extreme durability are what you are after we have two Engineered Quartz options priced at $59/ sq. ft. each. This is an incredible price for Quartz countertops. Choose from Hanstone Ajenta or Hanstone Autumn Leaf:

Quartz_Sale_Quad_CitiesThere are two standard edges available at this promotional price. The “Eased” edge:eased_granite_edge

and the “Bullnose” edge:bullnose_granite_edge

Each and every kitchen is different and your project may require some extra details that are not common to each project. To keep these promotional prices low we offer many custom options at an upcharge. If your project requires extra openings, material selection, or special arcs or end treatments discuss these options with your designer and we can include them in your project quote.

upchargesThere is a two week turnaround from template date to installation date and your existing counters MUST be removed for an accurate template to be made for your custom tops. If you need Village Home Stores to arrange to tear out and dispose of your existing counters we can for $5/ sq. ft. just discuss this with your designer. If your kitchen layout includes an overhang you may be required to have support brackets installed to support the weight of your new stone counters.

Natural stones like Granite have been mined from the Earth for years and years and continue to be a fantastic choice for a kitchen counter material. Recently the introduction of Engineered Quartz counters has caught so much attention that the price has continued to range from brand to brand and even brought the price of some more common Granite materials down. Read our past blog about the basic care and maintenance of your stone countertop investment here.

If Granite or Quartz countertops are something you have been considering now is the perfect time to take advantage of these 10 promotional colors at exceptional prices. Our fabricators are experts in their trade and your can be sure you will be receiving the quality, service, and respect for your investment that Village Home Stores has offered for over 30 years. Call today or click here to set up an appointment to view samples of these  great color choices. countertops_Geneseo