Advance Homes Quad Cities- Gray Stained Hickory Kitchen

As we spend this upcoming week prepping our booth for the Quad Cities Builders and Remodelers Home Show, we thought it would be fitting to make our next featured project a new home kitchen. Village Home Stores has become well known to be your expert remodeling team… but did you know we also partner with incredible local builders to create amazing spaces in new homes? We are thrilled to have provided cabinetry and lighting for this home recently built by Advance Homes of the Quad Cities. The kitchen is truly breathtaking!

Tailored Rustic Transitional Hickory kitchen with gray Stone stain and painted black island. Kitchen cabinetry and lighting by Village Home Stores for Advance Homes of the Quad Cities. |
Kitchen cabinetry and lighting by Village Home Stores. Photo and home by Advance Homes of the Quad Cities.

With a Matte Black painted kitchen island and Hickory cabinetry on the perimeter, this kitchen gives a rustic and restoration feel but in a more tailored and sophisticated way. The single-level kitchen island has access to storage all around it and an overhang on two sides allows for counter-height seating for many guests. The same “Bristol” doorstyle is used on the Maple painted island and the main Hickory kitchen cabinetry. The cabinets in this kitchen are from our Koch Classic Cabinetry line and the rich, smooth Hickory has been stained a warm gray named “Stone”. Look at how many tones and values of the hickory wood and stain come through on the cabinetry. Hickory with a “Stone” stain is a great look that suites many styles and tastes.

Hickory kitchen with gray Stone stain and painted black island. Kitchen cabinetry and lighting by Village Home Stores for Advance Homes of the Quad Cities. |
Kitchen cabinetry and lighting by Village Home Stores. Photo and home by Advance Homes of the Quad Cities.

Walk-through pantry fronts are available from Koch Cabinetry to help create the look of a large pantry cabinet with the hidden reveal of a full walk-in space. Many of our customers building in the Quad Cities area request a design that includes one of these pantry fronts. In this kitchen it is located in the corner. Our cabinet designer has allowed this pantry front and side panels to reach all the way to the ceiling for a great finished look. The lighting for this home was also from Village Home Stores. We have an absolute crush on this island fixture the customer selected with our team!

ELK Alanna large pendant above kitchen island. Cabinetry and lighting by Village Home Stores for Advance Homes of the Quad Cities. |
Lighting by Village Home Stores. Photo and home by Advance Homes of the Quad Cities.

This Alanna 6-light pendant measures 54″ long and 14″ wide. Selecting the right lighting above a kitchen island is all about scale and design. In this kitchen a large, single fixture is used. With the open design to the light, it keeps the finished look open and airy. This light is from our ELK line and the restoration style fixture is an Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. Don’t forget that you can shop our complete lighting catalog online, anytime here at . When you are building a home with us, we will provide you with a lighting login to our website. Once logged in you can collaborate with our new home lighting team selecting fixtures and viewing your estimates.

Koch Hickory Stone cabinetry with antique mirror inserts. Bar cabinetry by Village Home Stores for Advance Homes of the Quad Cities. |
Cabinetry and lighting by Village Home Stores. Photo and home by Advance Homes of the Quad Cities.

We repeated the same cabinetry from the kitchen in a nearby dry bar area. Here we have included base door and drawer cabinets and a space for a glass-front beverage cooler. In the wall cabinet design there is a center cabinet with doors prepped for glass. An X style mullion design adds a great detail. In place of glass, we have added antiqued mirror inserts. This is a interesting look and allows you to have maximum storage that doesn’t have to be styled for display inside. Down the front hall from this dry bar area is the front entry where we included a great lantern-shaped foyer light.

Foyer lantern-style light. Lighting by Village Home Stores for Advance Homes of the Quad Cities. |
Lighting by Village Home Stores. Photo and home by Advance Homes of the Quad Cities.

The “Blacksmith” lantern from Sea Gull Lighting gives the suggestion of traditional style with the shape in a more updated and transitional style by keeping just a wire open frame. Each of the bathrooms in the home we also provided cabinetry, vanity tops, and lighting for. The main bathroom (shown below) includes a new trend of surrounding a framed mirror with two pendants. The “Gramercy” pendants from ELK make a unique statement in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Gray stained bathroom cabinetry and ELK Gramercy pendant lights. Cabinetry and lighting by Village Home Stores for Advance Homes of the Quad Cities. |
Bath cabinetry and lighting by Village Home Stores. Photo and home by Advance Homes of the Quad Cities.

The Hickory “Stone” cabinetry is repeated from the kitchen in this bath and a cultured marble vanity top from our Onyx Collection completes the look. In the master bathroom, a “Black” paint is used on the double bowl vanity. We love how this builder added an outlet on the end of the bath vanity. This keeps the wall clear and helps to keep the focus on the beautiful framed mirrors and vanity lights. A bright Chrome finish of these Feiss vanity lights help to create a contrast to the dark cabinet.

Painted black bathroom cabinetry and vanity lights. Cabinetry and lighting by Village Home Stores for Advance Homes of the Quad Cities. |
Bath cabinetry and lighting by Village Home Stores. Photo and home by Advance Homes of the Quad Cities.

This home from Advance Homes turned out so wonderful! We thank Advance for choosing to place our design and products into the great Quad Cities Area homes they are building. You can learn more about Advance Homes here on their website.

Hickory gray kitchen with painted black island and corner pantry. Kitchen cabinetry and lighting by Village Home Stores for Advance Homes of the Quad Cities. |
Kitchen cabinetry and lighting by Village Home Stores. Photo and home by Advance Homes of the Quad Cities.

Have a question about a product you have seen in this post? Want to meet our new construction sales team at Village? Just reach out! We can’t wait to hear what and where you are building! You can call us at (309) 944-1344 or complete the short online form here and a member of our team will be in touch. Learn more about Village Home Stores here on our website. Of course if you plan on attending the QCBR Home Show next weekend, just stop in our booth to meet our team!

Davenport Remodel: Cabinet Curiosity

This kitchen remodel is so new to these homeowners they haven’t even had the chance to “move into” the new cabinetry. I stopped by last night to take some final photos to share here on the blog and was greeted by two very sweet cats right when I walked in the front door. These cats were very curious about my camera and equipment and still very curious about their new kitchen. With their permission, we would like to show you around the new space…

Range_wallThe original kitchen was ready for an update but the layout itself was also in need of a few changes. These customers worked closely with their designer at Village to find the space to expand the island in the new layout. The new cabinets also extend all the way to the ceiling for over a foot of added shelf space in all of the wall cabinets.

Durian BuildersThe original island in the kitchen worked well as a landing and prep area but only included two small cabinets. The new island is almost twice as long and now includes a curved end section that will act as an eat-in dinette area. The curving overhang on the back travels on into the inside area of the kitchen island as well. Counter-height barstools are on order for this new island.

The clients knew they wanted to select a Cambria Quartz for their countertops but were not sure which design they liked best. One of our favorite things about Cambria is that not only are they made in the US, they are made in the Midwest! While these homeowners happen to be traveling through Minnesota, Cambria welcomed them to stop by and see full slabs of their designs. Once they spotted this ” “Bradshaw” color in person, they knew it was perfect.

curved_island_topCountertops that overhang in toward the user are very common in many island designs. The back end of this island is paneled for a very polished and finished look. The front side facing the kitchen sink wall is full of much needed cabinetry storage.

drawer_undercounterIn most cases a “full-height door” cabinet will be included in any area that the counter will overhang above it. The overhang itself keeps you from fully accessing the top drawer of a standard base cabinet. By carefully planning the location of the island curve, this design allows a standard base cabinet with a wide top drawer to have full access.

Now that we offer flooring and backsplashes our customers have began to select some really beautiful materials with us.  It can be discouraging to pair the right materials with the perfect layout and design for the installation and then remember you will have outlets and switches interrupting that great look. This solution has become very popular for many of our remodel projects…

outlet underneath kitchen cabinetThe underside of a standard kitchen wall cabinet is constructed with the “floor” of the cabinet recessed up from the surrounding sides of the unit. This recess area is great to conceal under-cabinet lighting but can also be used other ways. When placed near the back of this recessed area, an outlet or even switch can be installed and stay fairly concealed from eye-level when viewed from across the room. This keeps electrical receptacles from crowding the beautiful backsplash area.

cat_photobombThe new kitchen cabinets include great storage spaces like the all-wood susan in the corner you can see in action over on our YouTube channel here (note the curious cat in the last frame of the video). Speaking of curious cats, it seemed like every time I opened a cabinet to snap a photo they wanted to model the cabinet. You will notice when we post the full album of photos to our profile that about 70% of the photos have a cat in them. If we know anything about the internet it is that the world doesn’t mind a good cat video or photo so about halfway through the photo shoot I just stopped asking them to move out of the way and let them show me around. I think they thought they had invented a new game called “hey climb in here!”

kitchen_davenportIt should also be mentioned that the kitchen is not the only work that was completed as a part of this remodel project. The crew from Durian Builders also removed part of a wall and we even replaced the back patio doorway to the deck. Flooring and trim was installed and some work was done in the adjacent Laundry Room as well.

Durian_BuildersThe original kitchen included a wall that blocked access to the Dining Room behind it. The before photo inset here shows that the wall was very much a part of this new space and opening it is into the rest of the home was a huge part of making this new space even more accessible and enjoyable.

Cherry_Kitchen_CambriaOur full Project Management Program at Village Home Stores is in place to make the remodel process easier on you. The designing and selection stages have become so much easier for our clients now that the flooring and backsplash can be selected along with the other materials. The cabinetry is from our Koch Classic line in the Cherry “Prairie” door and “Burgundy” finish. Natural Oak wood floors were installed throughout. The Handles used in this remodel were from Hardware Resources and were the perfect compliment to the curves of the Stainless appliances.

This project involved many subcontractors that were coordinated by our team at Village Home Stores. All materials came from Village Home Stores. Having a one-stop-shop like Village Home Stores as your material resource can be a wonderful advantage when remodeling your home. Pair that easier shopping experience with a team from Village who schedules, estimates and coordinates everything for you and you have a easier time overall. Are you looking to start a project this year? Contact us today to set up an appointment via our website here. Or call today! (309) 944-1344 Village_Home_Stores_phone

Davenport Kitchen Remodel-Village Home Stores

This week’s feature kitchen is a space that many of you may be able to relate to. The space within it is limited by doorways and openings. While we love showing you huge spacious new kitchens, the truth is most of the remodel projects we do are smaller spaces. Designing and installing a new kitchen into an existing space that uses the cabinetry to it’s best capacity is what Village Home Stores is great at!

Davenport kitchen remodeled by Village Home StoresThis Davenport home is no exception. We borrowed space from a small eat-in nook and included that area into the new space that is Transitional in style and right at home in this historic neighborhood of great properties. You can see above the before, during and finished space.

kitchen_remodel_davenportcherry_kitchen_colorsCherry cabinets and neutral grays pair with rich granite tops to make a big impact and a smart use of the space. A flat-panel doorstyle can be so versatile when selecting materials. Koch Classic Cherry cabinetry in the “Savannah” style and “Brandy” finish compliment the woodwork and furniture in the home and the use of neutral grays keep the “Brandy” finish from seeming to red in color. “India Black Pearl” granite tops anchor the cabinets and keep you eye drawn to the contrast of the beautiful natural stone “Statuarito”  backsplash from Jeffery Court.

With natural stones come natural characteristics and irregularities. These should be expected when selecting tile made of true marble or granite.  The flooring is a ceramic called “Grigio Al Contro” in an elongated rectangle shape.

kitchen_design_davenportremodel_villagehomestoresWe thought sharing a birdseye view of the new design might help you get your bearings a bit more. You can see in the new design that the kitchen cabinetry now fills the entire sink wall and follows the return back into the old eat-in nook space. The new design still allows for a decent-sized table and chairs and room to navigate around it as well. The refrigerator you see in the bottom left is recessed into an area and out of the path into the kitchen.

remodel_davenportWhen facing the refrigerator, there is now an arched opening that accesses the stairwell just inside. By keeping the refrigerator as a stand alone piece and recessing it into the wall, a full-depth model can be used. This KitchenAid french door unit is actually their largest capacity 36″ wide refrigerator available. Taking up the same width and height (72″) as many other models, it boasts a full 29 cu. ft. of storage inside!

Making the most of the cabinet space in this kitchen design was key. A great specialty cabinet feature to show you is the pullout breadboard found right above the drawerstack to the right of the kitchen sink.

pullout_cuttingboardSee this pullout cutting board in action over on our YouTube channel here and see the full album of photos from this project over on our Houzz portfolio here.  This can also be installed above a pullout trash cabinet to make it so easy to clean up as you prep a meal.

kitchen_remodel_cherry_devenportIn the corner of the new kitchen design sits an appliance garage. Small appliances can be pulled out to use and then hidden back inside out of sight when they are not being used. Appliance garages can be ordered with an “accordion” style door (shown), a door hinged right or left, or hardware that allows the door to pull forward and up. A corner of any kitchen can be designed a number of ways. Your Village designer helps pair the best design with your plans for using it.

davenport_kitchen_remodel_contractorsThis Davenport kitchen remodeled by Village Home Stores included work by carpenters, electricians, stone masons, plumbers, painters, and tileworkers. All of these crews were scheduled and coordinated using our full Project Management program. We can manage your entire project from start to finish. This also includes helping your gather all of the estimates you need to get as accurate of an estimate possible for the entire project before a single cabinet is removed from your old space. If you have any questions about this program or the remodel process please don’t hesitate to contact us or call us today. We service all of the extended Quad City area.