New Build Farmhouse in Rural Illinois With Angled Island

We label a lot of kitchens “Modern Farmhouse” these days… but this time we truly mean it! The kitchen in this new Aledo, IL home has modern upgrades and farmhouse details PLUS just happens to be built on family farmland! It has a stylish and clean transitional look with tons of great modern features. Village Home Stores was so glad to partner with Bagby Construction on the design and materials for this new construction project. Let’s take a tour of some of the highlights from this home beginning with the kitchen in the open concept great room.

Kitchen design with angled island and Skara Brae Cambria Quartz. Cabinetry, counters, lighting and appliances by Village Home Stores for Bagby Construction
Kitchen design with angled island and Skara Brae Cambria Quartz. Cabinetry, counters, lighting and appliances by Village Home Stores for Bagby Construction

A modern take on a U-shape kitchen layout, this perimeter angles in slightly on each end and the shape is mirrored back in a single-level kitchen island. This kitchen is spacious and interesting and serves up plenty of great storage without needing any corner susan cabinets. Our favorite material detail selected for this space is the choice of Cambria Quartz in the “Skara Brae” design. This engineered quartz is a stunning blend of warm gray tones arranged in a river-like pattern with a bright white background. The best place to see this full pattern is on the large island top below.

Stainless farm sink installed in Skara Brae Cambria tops. New home in Aledo, IL with kitchen design and materials by Village Home Stores.
Stainless farm sink installed in Skara Brae Cambria tops. New home in Aledo, IL with kitchen design and materials by Village Home Stores for Bagby Constructon.

A great way to modernize any element is to take a classic shape and change the material. n the case of this kitchen, a Kohler farmhouse apron sink is undermounted to the Cambria quartz in a Stainless Steel material. This sink even has the modern feature of a lowered center divider. A low divider sink layout allows you the option to separately soak, rinse, or dry items. The divider is just high enough to fill for a decent soak on one side without wasting a lot of water. Take a glance below and imagine this sink with a large skillet or pan needing to soak. A low divider allows you to get that soak and still lay the handle down in the sink without splashing and making a huge mess.

Stainless Steel low divide farm sink installed in Skara Brae cambria tops. New home in Aledo, IL with design and materials by Village Home Stores.
Stainless Steel low divide farm sink installed in Skara Brae Cambria tops.

If you peek just past the faucet base, you will also see another great modern detail installed in the countertop surface. A garbage disposal is nothing new, but a button switch that is located right by the faucet in a low-profile is pretty great! A great meal at home begins with prep and always ends in making a big mess. So any cleaning zone of an active kitchen needs a dishwasher that can get to work for you. Have a big mess? This KitchenAid dishwasher can fit it all, adjust to the soil level of your load, and a full load quietly at just 39 DBA.

KitchenAid three level rack dishwasher in a kitchen island design.
KitchenAid three level rack dishwasher in a kitchen island design.

A removable third level rack gets you capacity when you need it for lids, utensils, or flatware. The main upper rack must have been designed originally for Inspector Gadget because it’s got so many cool features! The rack itself can adjust easily up and down. Two rows of adjustable tines can be shifted into one of three positions to accommodate deep or wide dishes. Your household have a lot of reusable water bottles to keep clean? This upper rack also has spray nozzles that can be placed deep inside tall or odd-shaped items like bottles, glasses and vases to thoroughly clean them. Have baby bottles to wash? Use these same bottle wash nozzles plus the Sani-Rinse option that heats the final rinse water to 155°F, eliminating 99.999% of food soil bacteria.

Kitchen design with angled gray stained island, Skara Brae Cambria tops, and glass pendants.
Kitchen design with angled gray stained island, Skara Brae Cambria tops, and glass pendants.

This kitchen island design is ideal for prep, cleanup, casual dining, and entertaining. The design of an island shape that angles in helps to keep the user’s work triangle tight and allows the exterior of the island to spread out. Three spans of counter-height overhang are available for seating and electrical outlets on each end make the island versatile. You can plug in small appliances for prep or even crock pots for serving. With a wide counter and incredible natural light, plug in a laptop and this island can even become a work-from-home space.

Kitchen design with pots and pans storage below cooktop. Cabinetry, counters and appliances by Village Home Stores for Bagby Construction
Kitchen design with pots and pans storage below cooktop.

The cooking zone is right at the center of this kitchen design. Instead of a freestanding range with hood layout, this design splits up the cooktop and oven. The center stretch of base cabinets is packed full of deep and sturdy drawer storage including underneath the cooktop.

Kitchen design with lots of drawer storage.
Kitchen design with lots of drawer storage. Cabinetry, counters and appliances by Village Home Stores for Bagby Construction

A wide stack of two deep pots and pans drawers is available right beneath the cooktop. Flanking each side is a three drawer stack with enough width for smaller pans, utensils and other tools. The classic shape and function of a cup pull handle is perfect for a slab drawer front like these. Notice that on the wide pots and pans drawers we used two pulls.

KitchenAid 6 burner gas cooktop installed on wide drawer stack in kitchen. Appliances by Village Home Stores for Bagby Construction
KitchenAid 36″ wide 5 burner gas cooktop installed on wide drawer stack in kitchen design.

The 36″ wide 5 burner gas cooktop and 30″ wide wall oven have been installed separately. This widens the cooking zone making it easier for two users and allows for a built in microwave to be installed above the wall oven. Now the microwave and wall oven are each raised up to a more comfortable height to read controls and load and unload items. A drawer below the wall oven is the perfect place for storing baking sheets and racks.

KitchenAid wall oven and built in microwave installed in white painted cabinetry.
KitchenAid wall oven and built in microwave. Appliances by Village Home Stores for Bagby Construction

Tall cabinets with built in cooking can also provide a visual balance for other tall elements in a kitchen design. In this home, the tall cabinet is complimented across the layout with a french door refrigerator surrounded by end panels and a deep upper cabinet. This KitchenAid refrigerator is one of our bestselling models. The interior layout is amazing and even includes a slide-away shelf that allows you to adjust the storage space in seconds. Press play below to see what we mean.

Shopping for appliances in the Quad Cities region and want to shop a small business with an expert staff? Village Home Stores has a friendly and knowledgeable sales team and a local low price guarantee. Shop appliances online with us at If you need assistance you can always drop your information in our webchat and a salesperson can help you find the right models for your needs. Another category of product at Village you can shop online is our lighting department. With thousands of options in style, price, and finish our lighting team is available to help you select the perfect fixtures. This new home includes many rooms and exterior spaces featuring lighting and fans from Village Home Stores.

Farmhouse style lighting. Pearson chandelier and clear water glass pendants above kitchen island in a new home in Aledo, IL. Lighting by Village Home Stores for Bagby Construction
Pearson chandelier and clear water glass pendants above kitchen island in a new home in Aledo, IL.

Our lighting experts will help you create a plan that uses your lighting budget to carry your personal style from room to room and even within the same room. Like many new homes, this layout has an open concept with an entrance, living room, dining room, and the kitchen all in one view. We love the “Pearson” series from Capital lighting. It is a wonderful transitional chandelier series that can look right at home in so many spaces. Here above you can see the 8-light Pearson hangs above the dining area and if you look the the back of the image you can see a two-tiered 24-light version hanging in the front foyer. Below is an image showing you the view looking up from the front entrance of the home.

Double Circle 24 Light Chandelier in Foyer
Large dual ring 24 light chandelier in the entrance of a new home in Aledo, IL

Size and scale are just as important as style when selecting lighting for your home. Our lighting experts are here to help you make the right decisions with that in mind. The same can be said about ceiling fans. Nothing can look more out of place than a tiny fan in a great room. Not to mention the function of a fan is to move air within that space. The 70″ wide “Maverick” fans in this house are just the right size and they are super stylish. Plus these fans are “damp-rated” so you can install them inside and outside.

Damp rated indoor outdoor ceiling fans from the Maverick Series in a new home in Aledo, IL. Lighting by Village Home Stores for Bagby Construction
Damp rated indoor outdoor ceiling fans from the Maverick Series in a new home in Aledo, IL.

Speaking of outside, don’t forget that the first chance at a first impression with your lighting is outside the entrance to your home. Don’t leave your exterior lighting selections for a last-minute thought. With many new styles available, it is such a fun category of lighting. Gone are the days of installing the same basic lantern style as your neighbor. We love the schoolhouse style arm lights selected at this home. The “Allenbury” series in a 14″ size from our Kichler line has been installed across the front garage area of this new home.

Matte black arm light on garage door of farmhouse. Exterior lighting from Village Home Stores.
Matte black arm light on garage door of farmhouse.

We have tried to give you a full tour of the kitchen in this home but this is honestly just the tip of the iceberg. Want to see even more images from this home? Check out the full album of photos here on our Best of Houzz winning Houzz profile. There is a lot more to see like this back door laundry room including a dog wash station (shown below). The “Windsor” door in a Birch wood and the same “Stone” stain as the kitchen island is used on the laundry room cabinetry.

Laundry room tiled dog wash station with gray stained cabinetry.
Laundry room tiled dog wash station with gray stained Koch cabinetry from Village Home Stores

Ready to get started on your own project with Village Home Stores? From countertop replacement to complete start to finish remodels, we are here for you. Your first step is just to reach out. You can even drop you info into the message box here on the blog and a member of our team can text or email with you to answer your initial questions. For more information about this builder visit the Bagby Construction website here. You can reach us at (309) 944-1344 or visit our showroom at 105 S State Geneseo, IL 61254.

Bettendorf Remodel: So… What’s Your Angle?

Does your kitchen have a unique shape to the overall space? A not-so-square corner or an unused section of wall that you know could be part of your new kitchen? It is time to call in the the expert design team at Village Home Stores. We can make any standard shaped room look incredible and we can do exactly the same for “challenging” spaces. Not only did we address every angle, we included great storage within. See this kitchen featured in this episode of the Village Home Show in the video below.

The total transformation was amazing to share with you on our TV show. We hope you enjoy the more detailed tours and product features we can show you in this video format. before_photo

Not all homes include a rectangle or perfectly square space to work with.  For example, take a look at a birdseye view of the design for this featured kitchen. Kitchen Designer Quad CitiesNo, this image is not tilted, the kitchen in this beautiful Bettendorf home is in fact that shape. Not your typical U-shaped kitchen is it? If you are shopping for a single straight wall of cabinetry or a custom kitchen to fit a space like this. An expert is what you need. The expert design team at Village Home Stores can help you find the best working design for your home. No project is identical to another (we love this about our industry)! The new design you see here on the right is a solution for the space. The old kitchen layout was much more broken up. The original oak kitchen (shown above and below) included drop-down ceiling soffits as well as a narrow corridor on the back end of the kitchen created by tall cabinetry. Behind the original refrigerator location was a second refrigerator, open shelf storage and a small pass-through window. The entire space seemed crowded and closed in.before

A very special area in the original kitchen was also in this back section of the original layout, the measuring wall. Many families have them, commonly in the kitchen. Where the growth of generations and generations of kids is documented. In this case it was on the side panel o a tall cabinet. A grandchild put up some signage on the day before tear-out was to begin…memories

She means it!!!! No worries reader, our carpenters were able to remove this panel (from the floor up for accurate measuring of course) and it is now safely in a new location of the home. Our family here at Village Home Stores know how important memories made in your home are to you. We aim to provide beautiful and functional new spaces to help you continue making memories in your home. The moment we snapped this photo of the measuring wall. was a touching reminder of that. And now…the tour! Let’s take a look around this incredible new space!white painted kitchen with subway tile.

The first thing you notice about this new kitchen is how open and bright it is. What was once an enclosed maze of cabinetry has been opened up into a bright and airy Transitional kitchen. Koch cabinetry in the “aspen” doorstyle painted white is paired with warm Hickory hardwood flooring. The countertops in this new space are a striking natural stone named “White Macaubus”. This neutral blend of whites, beige, and warm grays perfectly ties all of the other finishes together. Natural veining and character in the slabs looks right at home in this wooded lot that looks out over the Mississippi Valley below. We removed a large section of the dividing wall to help create this look. kitchen remodeler Quad Cities

Now you have a clear view into the kitchen and its full wall of floor-to-ceiling glass that looks out toward the swimming pool. The kitchen sink view is also more enjoyable now as the user faces the front of this wooded lot and can enjoy the entire panoramic view the Living Room windows offer. What grabs your attention first as you enter the new kitchen is the large handcrafted Hickory dining table and the lighting above it.painted white kitchen by Village Home Stores

This table (built by the talented homeowner we should add) comfortably seats 10 guests. While an island of a very decent size could have fit here, the owners really wanted to be able to enjoy the space and the views while dining and entertaining. So many incredible meals and many great conversations will now be shared within this kitchen. The two large pendant light fixtures above the table make quite the statement…kitchen lighting

…and when you sit down and look up, they make a whole new statement! Hammered copper with a gold interior, these lights are stunning! While your kitchen may not be large enough for two lights quite this size, consider the rhythm and balance that is brought to the space by having two lights above the table (or island if that is the case). A single, long fixture would have not been as dramatic as these lights.

unique lighting

The added surprise of the gold interior of these fixtures is what makes them so remarkable. We have many lighting options similar to these including the series shown above by Quorum that come in many sizes and with gold, silver, and copper interior options. White painted kitchenThe back wall of the kitchen is now home to the new KitchenAid 29 cubic foot french-door refrigerator. KitchenAid beverage coolerThis model offers maximum fresh food and freezer storage. The addition of a glass-front beverage cooler nearby helps free up a lot of shelf space in the main refrigerator. If your kitchen design allows it, this 24″ appliance can really be a game-changer for refrigeration. Imagine if the next time your were planning on entertaining, you could remove all of the cans, bottles, and boxes of beverages and instead have all of that shelf space for food items! That is a lot of shelf real estate that just opened up for you. It is also very wonderful to be able to allow guests to help themselves when they are over. A glass-front beverage cooler looks great and can also help way-finding when you are entertaining guests. We carry many makes and models of under-counter beverage coolers.broom closet in cabinetry

On the subject of added storage, take a look at this second pantry cabinet that was converted into a broom/utility closet. Adding a tall pantry cabinet for this function can help you have access to cleaning supplies right where you need them. With doors closed, you would never suspect it isn’t just pantry storage.

With the angle of the cooking and sink walls being an acute angle, a standard square lazy-susan cabinet would not fit or function for this kitchen. A blind corner cabinet with swing-out shelves is instead installed to make the most of a challenging area. When we asked the owner of this beautiful new kitchen what some of her favorite things about the new space were, she responded how much she loves her touch-activated faucet. touch faucet in kitchen

When working in the kitchen it is so easy to fall in love with this touch feature. This kitchen was completed using the full Project Management Program at Village Home Stores. This means that the entire remodel was handled from start to finish by a team of experts coordinated just for this project. Estimates, schedules, and quality work was all managed by Village Home Stores to help keep everything on schedule to completion. There is so much to talk about in this Bettendorf kitchen. We can’t wait to share a full video tour with you on an upcoming episode of the Village Home Show. This will be an episode you will not want to miss!Bettendorf kitchen remodel from Village Home Stores

See the full album of photos from this project over here on our page. If you are ready to start the conversation about your own kitchen project we are ready to meet with you. Just give us a call at (309) 944-1344 or contact us online to arrange an appointment so we can hear about the space you are working on. Let’s get an expert team to work on your space!

Colona, IL- After The Fire.

kitchen restorationLast week we shared with you the Before & After photos from this Colona, IL home damaged by fire and smoke. We wanted to show you around the kitchen in a little bit more detail.

rendered kitchen planTo say this kitchen has some angles is an understatement. This birds-eye view color rendering shows the overall space better than we could capture in one photo. This rendering is an example of what you can see during the design phase here at Village Home Stores.

angled kitchen cabinetThese cabinets hug every corner and even access spaces that may have otherwise been wasted areas. Let’s start with the wall to the right of the built-in pantry. That clipped corner does actually have usable shelves within. It should be mentioned that this cabinet SKU is a standard cabinet. Many times our designers can use the most of your space with the right design!

outside corner baseImmediately behind this angled cabinet is another great standard SKU that can add a lot of interest to a space. While the shelves may not hold a small appliance, am outside corner cabinet can be a great way to turn a corner. Angles are also integrated into the ends of the exposed walls of cabinetry. If you revisit the rendering above you will see that entire pantry wall has angled end cabinets that clip the edges and allow for interest and an easier access into the room.

kitchenAid inductionbase cabinet trashThe end of the cooktop wall of cabinets has not been clipped to allow for a full depth of preparation space on both sides of the KitchenAid Induction unit. Induction is a fantastic feature and we can’t wait to show you more on it soon. Another convenience for the cooktop user is a pull-out trash cabinet directly to the right. Below the cooktop is a large double drawer base which makes for quick and easy access to pots and pans without having to open doors to access a slide-out shelf.

kitchenaid appliancesIn addition to the pull-out trash, a KitchenAid trash compactor is located near the kitchen sink. This 15″ wide unit is Whisper Quiet® Plus Sound Insulated and has a 5:1 compaction ratio reducing trash by up to 80%

The section of island cabinetry that faces the great room has an easily accessed under-counter beverage cooler. Keeping the main refrigerator space clear of cans and bottles this glass-front cooler can easily found by guests and homeowners.

undercounter refrigerator

Get The Look:

kitchen color palettevillage home stores flooringThe granite in this kitchen sparkles so well and may read like a dark black on camera. It is in fact a deep rich blue granite called “Blue Pearl”. The cabinetry is by Koch Cabinets in the “Seneca” doorstyl, Maple Autumn stain. The San Michelle: “Crema Vein” flooring in the kitchen continues from the front door through the dining room then into the kitchen.

With no dining set so you can see the awesome inset layout from our installers very clearly in this photo:

flooring install patterns

We mentioned in our previous post about how kind and amazing these homeowners were throughout a very stressful period and circumstances. Their positive attitudes among loss were inspiring. We thank them again for letting us share their beautiful home with you. If you have any questions about what you see here or our entire process please don’t hesitate to call 309 944 1344 or click to ask. See the entire album of photos from this restoration project over on our Houzz page.