Custom Amish Cabinets In a High-Style Rustic Display

This Spring during our showroom closure, we found ourselves with some areas of an available schedule and staff carpenters to finally get around to some projects under our own roof. Our remodel team has been very busy in homes around the region as the year began, so it has been nearly impossible to fit our own projects into the mix. But during the weeks when we didn’t have crews inside of our customer homes, instead our team was able to stay busy and safe in our own controlled and sanitized jobsite: the store! We tore into three displays to give them a fresh new update. The Village Home Stores showroom is now OPEN (by appointment only as of this post May 2020) and many of these projects are wrapping up just in time! We thought we would share with you some of the finished looks here on the blog beginning with this custom Amish-built cabinetry TV surround.

Sample Center Custom Amish Cabinet Display in Village Home Stores Showroom Geneseo, IL
Sample Center Custom Amish Cabinet Display in the Village Home Stores Showroom, Downtown Geneseo, IL

The cabinets may look familiar if you visited us at the 2020 QCBR Home Show this past Winter. There they had a whole different look! Check out the same base and wall cabinet combo with a wood wall treatment instead of the bold tile. We loved how that looked but wanted to tell a different surface story back at the showroom. Bold color is not for everyone (or everywhere), but smaller cabinet spaces can be perfect for it. Powder rooms, kitchen islands, and shown here in a TV surround. This area will be used as another presentation space for our design team to present and select finishes with their clients. The cabinets may be “rustic” but the details truly elevate the look!

Matte black subway tile with accent blue mosaic tile strip.
Matte black subway tile with accent blue mosaic tile strip and Kichler arm wall sconce in the Village Home Stores Showroom, Downtown Geneseo, IL

We flanked the TV area with a statement wall of tile. Matte black glass subway tiles from the Chapter 1 suite by Jeffery Court is installed in the “Silhouette” color and satin finish. Two blue mosaic strips accent the wall in the “Berrrmos” series and “Beryl” color by Original Style UK tile. Arm style sconces from our Kichler line have been installed near the top of each water-falling blue accent. The countertop surface for this TV area is an Engineered Quartz named “Marquina Midnight”. Black with an organic white veining pattern, this durable and glossy surface looks regal and rustic at the same time.

MSI Marquina Midnight Quartz
MSI Marquina Midnight Quartz countertops in display in the Village Home Stores showroom in Geneseo, IL.

What is the easiest way to level up any look? Accessorize of course! In the world of fashion we add jewelry. In the kitchen and bath industry we add lighting and hardware! These handles and knobs are from the Chrysalis series by Belwith Keeler. Brushed golden brass is paired with opaque black glass inserts. Contact a designer at Village Home Stores to see some of the other amazing finish combinations in this series and the many other hardware options from this line.

Belwith Keeler Chrysalis Series handle and knob hardware in Brushed Golden Brass with Black Opaque Glass
Belwith Keeler Chrysalis Series handle and knob hardware in Brushed Golden Brass with Black Opaque Glass

But of course we have to mention the cabinetry in this display! We offer a wide variety of cabinets in terms of finish, customization, and craftsmanship. Atop that list in all categories is our custom Amish cabinetry. This Amish-built cabinet line is crafted with extreme care for our customers by a shop located in Southern Illinois. Your access to wood species and finishes with this line are honestly near limitless. We received questions about these cabinets right away when we posted a preview of them. The bases are a Rustic Hard Maple in a custom finish. What do we mean custom finish? The rustic finish applied to the bases in this display doesn’t have a name technically. In fact, many of our finishes sold from this line are customized to the point they are just named after your jobname. That’s custom! You work with our designers and can even call out how heavily your distressing or finish accents are handled.

Custom Amish Cabinets With Wood Tray Divider and Utensil Organizer Inserts.
Custom Amish Cabinets With Wood Tray Divider and Utensil Organizer Inserts.

The painted cabinets are “Phillipsburg Blue” in an inset doorstyle. We have designed this display to showcase to styles of cabinet overlays and also many options for construction and custom inserts. Unfortunately two of the best ways to explore this cabinet line and how incredible it is just don’t translate well into a blog post. The next time you find yourself in our showroom please touch this finish and open the cabinetry to see what we mean when we describe this line as heirloom quality. The items created for your home are done so with incredible respect for the materials and the process of creating them.

Custom Amish Cabinet Display With Wood Tray Divider and Utensil Organizer Inserts in the Village Home Stores Showroom, Downtown Geneseo, IL.
Custom Amish Cabinet Display With Wood Tray Divider and Utensil Organizer Inserts.

There are many inserts and specialty options that can be included in your design. We love the solid wood options shown above for tray dividers and spice/utensil organizers. Below you see a variation of a double waste basket that includes a lid. These lidded options can be wonderful for storing pet food or recycling items that may not be taken out of the kitchen as often as trash. Ask a designer at Village about your options or show us anything you find online you would like to include in your design.

Custom Amish Cabinets With Rev a Shelf Lidded Waste Basket Pullouts.
Custom Amish Cabinets With Rev a Shelf Lidded Waste Basket Pullouts.

A custom designed space can be easily disrupted visually by appliances. But in many areas, appliances are absolutely needed to build the best use of an area for you. For example, this corner of the showroom is ideal for a beverage cooler. That way we can offer water or refreshments to our guests without traveling rooms away to another refrigerator. But a big panel of stainless steel or glass would disrupt the finished look of the cabinet design. So we chose to include a Kitchen Aid panel-ready beverage cooler model to hide it in plain sight.

Cabinet panel ready beverage cooler by Kitchen Aid in the Village Home Stores Showroom, Downtown Geneseo, IL
Cabinet panel ready beverage cooler by Kitchen Aid in the Village Home Stores Showroom, Downtown Geneseo, IL

To keep the cabinet configuration symmetrical we even created a false drawer stack look to the panel of the cooler. Panel ready models are available in many categories of appliances. Our cabinet designers can partner with your appliance expert from Village to be sure to build a custom panel designed specifically for the model you have selected. We can also create a finished look that best replicates the cabinet overlay surrounding it. Take a look at the image above and notice that aside from the toespace below, it’s pretty hard to notice the cooler at all. Press play below to see it open.

See more from this finished display at the full album we just posted to our Houzz profile. We created this space in the showroom to be used as another casual presentation area. Our formal conference room is available when a more private conversation is needed. But we have many other presentations spaces/displays in the Village showroom that include a screen where we can mirror your design drawings onto it. Having samples within arms reach can be so helpful as we work closely with you to create an accurate estimate. We have added some seating and a table to the space and the carpeting we selected makes such a fun statement. This is “Bespoke” from our Phenix Carpet Modern Contours series. We have installed it is a wall-to-wall application here. Don’t forget. Any of the carpets we carry can be bound into custom sized area rugs for your home. This series would be perfect for that!

Modern pattern carpeting with a mix of black and gray neutrals in the Village Home Stores showroom.
Modern pattern carpeting with a mix of black and gray neutrals in the Village Home Stores showroom.

Would you like to make an appointment to start the conversation about our process at Village Home Stores and receiving a bid on our design and products for your home? Just reach out! Our team is just a phone call or a message away. We can’t wait to hear what you have dreamed up for your home and how we can make it come to life! You can call us at (309) 944-1344 or email our team at You can also send us a message right here from the chat on our blog and a member of our team will be in touch. Thank you so much to our incredible team of in-house staff who worked hard to get these displays in place.

Product Profile: An All Star Lineup!

In honor of the MLB All-Star Game this week, we thought we would share our own All-Star Accessories lineup! We are aware that investing in brand new cabinetry as a part of your project can be overwhelming and come with many style and construction decisions to be made. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make the most of the storage that these cabinets can offer. After all… isn’t that the whole reason they have been called up to bat? So why upgrade to specialty cabinets? Using your space effectively is our goal. Helping you invest in smart storage solutions right away is a part of our responsibility as kitchen experts.  Get it right the first time, not after trying over and over to retro-fit a “universal” item into your expertly designed space. Let’s begin with our “Ace” All-Star: shelving.

Slide-Out Shelves: shelf-pullout2

Consider what your storage solutions may be once you begin to “move into” your new kitchen without slide-out shelves? There is no better way to use the entire interior space better than with slide-outs. Each cabinet line varies, but typically a standard base cabinets comes with just a single, half-depth flat shelf. Shopping for ways to find inserts, bins and shelves to organize your items can end up costing you added money and a lot of time. Instead, have your designer from Village Home Stores deliver your new cabinets with adjustable slide-out shelves (or even deep slide-out bins). Al moved in and still see space that could be used? No problem! We can even short-order added shelves that will easily fit on the existing brackets if you find you could use more of them.

Corner Cabinets:Base lazy susan cabinet. |

Corner cabinets are such unusually-shaped items that it is always assumed some sort of insert should be included. “Lazy Susan” cabinets can be in the bases and wall cabinets of your design. We offer many different versions of Lazy Susan constructions and shapes. Typically a base Lazy Susan cabinet is an L-shaped unit that measures 36″ from each corner. There are also smaller 33″ models available or even asymmetrical corner cabinets (i.e. 33″ on one end, and 36″ on the other). What if you don’t have the minimum 33″ in a corner? A Blind Corner Cabinet may be the best solution for you. Did you know there are special inserts to help you access even that awkward space?

The Blind Corner Cabinet above has been fit with two crescent-moon shaped shelves that swivel out, then even pull forward for a way to reach the very back corner of this “blind” space. This cabinet can be perfect for remodel designs that may be trying to add a dishwasher into the new design or add a larger sinkbase cabinet. No matter what space you end up with in your corner, we can make the most of it.  Sometimes the tiniest things start to collect and take over a cabinet space. Spices and cooking oils are definitely guilty of that!

Spice Storage:

Including an area for storing spices and cooking oils may seem like a luxury wish-list item… but think of how much space these small containers can take up if you DON’T plan ahead. By designating just a narrow pull-out cabinet in your bases or walls, you can free up a lot of space elsewhere for other items. Spice storage can be added in a pullout, a drawer or a shelf attached to a wall cabinet interior.spicedrawer

If a pull-out spice rack isn’t something you can work into your cabinet design, do you have an extra drawer? We love this tiered spice rack option that can be added to a drawer. You can see all of the labels clearly without removing or bending down to read them. It is alwasy best to keep spice storage near the cooking zone of a kitchen design if you are able to. That way you have access to what you need while cooking without stepping away from the activity.

Knife Blocks:

Think of all of the items you end up having on your countertop that could possibly find a home in your cabinet design? A designated knife storage area can help de-clutter your counters and keep from messing up utensil drawers. Clearly this base-cabinet access to your sharp knives doesn’t fit every lifestyle (we never recommend it for families with young children), but for some kitchens it is perfect! Many times kitchens include a knife block and still require a second drawer for all of the “other” knives. Why not just designate one zone for all of them?

This pull-out knifeblock from DuraSupreme is a brilliant use of just a 3″ wide space. It even includes a slot for your knife sharpener and a shallow shelf above to lay any smaller knives flat. The list of pull-out storage solutions goes on and on. Your Designer at Village Home Stores will work closely with you to help decide if there is one available that may work great for your own lifestyle. What about cleaning supplies?

Clean Up Zone:

Batting “clean up”…. well that’s YOU every day! Keeping cleaning supplies handy can help keep your kitchen looking amazing. If the basics are all within reach, you are more likely to use them. It alwasy seems odd to store some of these cleaning agents and items near your food. Separating them is always recommended. Inserts underneath the kitchen sink can be added, or even better a tall utility cabinet can house supplies and tools like brooms and mops. Designating a zone for clean-up supplies is an All-Star move and access to the garbage is a part of that!

Pull-Out Waste Baskets:

Speaking of cleaning up, the wastebasket is always a busy place in a busy kitchen. Pull-out waste baskets have become so common because they check all of the right boxes when redesigning your kitchen: You can include the wastebeasket right in the busy areas of the kitchen instead of hidden in a corner by the door and even add a second bin for recycling. Or take it one step further and add another pull-out for pet food. We can even get a sealed container option for this. dog_food_storage

Apologies in advance but we have one more baseball pun to make. There is no other way to describe this last item on our list other than the “MVP”.

LED Undercabinet Lighting:

We know, we know, technically this can’t count because it isn’t a cabinet item but can we please let it be the mascot? We have to at least give it a proper mention because this Diode LED lighting system is sincerely the best addition to any kitchen design. There is no better way to show off your space while giving yourself a low-voltage task lighting system to use the new space. Sometimes seeing these cabinets in use is the best way to visualize them in your own design. If you are interested in looking at specialty cabinets to include in your new kitchen from Village Home Stores be sure to check out some of our cabinet animations we have captured over the years. Press play below to see an example.

Find all of them here on this “See Our Cabinets in Action” board on our Pinterest page. Browse all of our boards in Pinterest for more ideas and also check out our ideabooks over on our award-winning Houzz page. Have your own idea you have seen that you want to include in your design? Show us! We want you to get the kitchen you have been dreaming of. cuttingboard-above-trash

So let’s get started on building you a winning team of experts at Village Home Stores for your own All-Star lineup! Contact us today for an appointment. We can’t wait to hear what your dream kitchen is like! Call us at (309) 944-1344 or complete this online form and a member of our team will be in touch soon.


Tim Dolan Development- Spring Parade Home 2017

This Spring we have the great pleasure to have our designs and products included in a number of homes included in the Quad Cities Builders & Remodelers Association Spring Parade of Homes. This home built by Tim Dolan Development includes all cabinetry, counters, appliances, lighting, and floorcovering from our store. Just in case you can’t make it to the parade, we wanted to take the opportunity to show you around this beautiful kitchen design.
White painted kitchen with gray stained island by Koch Cabinetry. Kitchen design by Village Home Stores for Tim Dolan Development. |

Painted white cabinetry from our Koch Classic line has been installed in the “Savannah” doorstyle along the kitchen perimeter. Gray “Stone” stained Birch cabinets in the same doorstyle create a unique island design. The L-shape of the layout includes a focal wall with a gas cooktop from KitchenAid® and a decorative wood hood above.
White painted kitchen with Hallmark Hickory flooring. Design and materials by Village Home Stores for Tim Dolan Development. |

Surrounding the gas cooktop area is a stunning hood design including carved brackets, glass-door cabinets and a section of cabinets that extend all the way down to the counters. These two narrow cabinets that frame in the cooktop area are actually pullout spice racks:
White painted kitchen with spice rack pull-out. Kitchen design by Rachel Tingley at Village Home Stores for Tim Dolan Development. |

Pullout cabinetry can be used in a number of locations and for a number of tasks. Consider a deeper pullout option as a base cabinet. Bathroom vanity areas can also be wonderful locations for pullout storage for cosmetics or hair appliances. Press play below to see these pullout spice racks transform from accessibly and convenient to completely concealed

The 30″ gas cooktop by KitchenAid® is a 5-burner layout with full-width cast iron grates. The tile backsplash throughout the kitchen is a stylish elongated tile with texture. The tile is from the Artigiano series in the “Venice Statue” color. This backsplash tile is a perfect compliment to the gray quartz counters.
KitchenAid Appliances by Village Home Stores for Tim Dolan Development. |

A 30″ wide combination microwave and wall oven is built-in to this wall of the kitchen design. This versatile appliance by KitchenAid® allows the use of the microwave cavity to be used as a secondary oven when needed. A French Door counter-depth refrigerator is a stunning investment in this appliance package.
KitchenAid Appliances by Village Home Stores for Tim Dolan Development. |

This new model by KitchenAid® includes features like a Platinum interior and Panoramic LED interior lighting. The Preserva® foodcare system provides the very best in food preservation so your fresh foods stay that way longer. Metal and wood accents help to make this refrigerator really gorgeous! Gorgeous? You better believe it! This refrigerator looks incredible in the new kitchen…but open up the doors and the real showcase begins!
KitchenAid Appliances by Village Home Stores for Tim Dolan Development. | VillageHomeStores

Other features include KitchenAid®’s PrintSheild™ finish to help resist smudges and fingerprinting and a 3-tier self-closing freezer drawer. There are so many incredible other features that you just have to see in person to experience. One of our favorites is a small removable prep zone tray that can be used for all kinds of prep including marinating meats or taken directly from the refrigerator to the oven.
White painted kitchen with gray stained island by Koch Cabinetry. Kitchen design by Village Home Stores for Tim Dolan Development. |

A large, single-level island sits at the very center of the kitchen design. The quartz counters on the island and perimeter are a color named “Fossil Gray”. The island includes an undermounted sink with dishwasher within reach. There are outlets on each end of the kitchen island.
Koch stone stain on Birch wood in Savannah doorstyle. |

Stained panels and trim have been applied to the back of the island and two newel posts have been includes as “legs” for the island. These legs and contrasting finish to the kitchen perimeter help to give the kitchen island a furniture look. A wide plank of trim spreads from leg-to-leg as an apron to help give the island a more solid look.
Hallmark hickory flooring in a kitchen including gray stained cabinetry. Kitchen design and materials by Village Home Stores for Tim Dolan Development. |

All of this rests atop a stunning engineered Hickory floor from our Hallmark Floors line. Varied widths of 4″,6″,and 8″ from Hallmark’s Monterey Collection in the “Gaucho” color. These Hickory floors are installed throughout the Great Room, down the hall, and as the stair landing. The lighting for this kitchen is a great example of scale and style. The Kichler “Larkin” is a 3-light pendant and the traditional lantern shape is updated with a modern finish and exposed bulbs without glass.
Kichler Larkin 3-light pendant lights hand above a kitchen island. Lighting selections by Keri Swanberg at Village Home Stores for Tim Dolan Development. |

One pendant hangs in the Dinette. Instead of selecting a complimenting island light, the same light is used. This helps create a great rhythm to the finished design. The scale of two pendants above this island is perfect and these fixtures can be looked at or through to help showcase the overall space.
Kichler Larkin 3-light pendant lights hand above a kitchen island and a nearby dinette area. Lighting selections by Village Home Stores for Tim Dolan Development. |

See the full album of images from this parade home here on our award-winning Houzz page. As we mentioned, this home was built by Tim Dolan Development and includes all cabinetry, counters, appliances, lighting, and floorcovering from our store. Our new construction customers are able to take advantage of our exclusive bundle program when purchasing products throughout our store. Learn more about this bundle program here. Learn about Tim Dolan Development and this home by visiting their website at this link. If you are planning on building a new home in the Quad Cities Region we can’t wait to show you our showroom and walk you through our proven process to help make the building process easier and enjoyable! Call or contact us today with any questions!