White and Mocha New Home Kitchen In Bettendorf Iowa for Applestone Homes

We have seen a lot of two-tone painted kitchen designs lately so how about some wood in the mix? We love the kitchen in this new home built in Bettendorf, Iowa by Applestone Homes. This kitchen design with Koch Cabinetry from Village Home Stores blends bright white paint, “Mocha” wood, and a subtle blue wall tile together for a great finished look. With nods to both New Traditional and Farmhouse styles there are lots of great details throughout this new home. Let’s take a look around.

White kitchen with wood island and range hood and stainless farm sink.
White kitchen with wood island and range hood and stainless farm sink in Bettendorf Iowa. Cabinetry by Village Home Stores for Applestone Homes of the Quad Cities.

The finishes in this open concept kitchen are soothing and sophisticated. But once you pick your jaw up off the floor from what it looks like, you get a chance to appreciate how it functions. This open and airy layout with a centered single-level island is ideal for one user or many! Because of the placement of the cooking, cleanup, and available prep zones, you could comfortably have three active users plus someone even doing their homework at the end of the island.

White and wood combination kitchen in a new home built in Bettendorf Iowa.
White and wood combination kitchen in a new home built in Bettendorf Iowa. Cabinetry by Village Home Stores for Applestone Homes of the Quad Cities.

Koch Classic Cabinetry in the Maple “Bristol” door is painted in a “White” finish. Storage is key in an open concept kitchen design like this. You want to have everything accessible… but out of sight when not being used. Cluttered counters and open shelf carts full of pans and utensils can take away from a gorgeous and serene kitchen like this. In the cooking zone we have surrounded the range user with three wide and deep drawer stacks to move into. Here you can keep pots, pans, lids, baking dishes, and even small appliances within reach when needed.

Koch cabinet kitchen with white and wood finish with large pots and pans storage drawers
White kitchen with wood island and range hood and lots of great cabinet storage in Bettendorf Iowa. Cabinetry by Village Home Stores for Applestone Homes of the Quad Cities.

Keeping utilitarian items out of sight when the kitchen isn’t active helps to keep this kitchen clean and serene throughout the day. Many busy households find the need to up their fresh and frozen food capacity. This layout includes space for an all refrigerator on one end of the sink wall and an all freezer unit on the other. This is a restaurant-level feature and can sometimes take away from a kitchen design. This finished kitchen design softens the amount of stainless steel by surrounding the units with wood panels and cabinets above. The view of the Iowa Quad Cities countryside honestly steals the show on this wall. We love the look of this farm sink but even more, we are jealous of anyone who gets to use it and gaze out at the creek.

Large window above a stainless steel farm sink in a Bettendorf Iowa kitchen.
Large window above a stainless steel farm sink in a Bettendorf Iowa kitchen. Cabinetry by Village Home Stores for Applestone Homes of the Quad Cities.

The image below of our masked intern will give you a little hint as to when we photographed this finished kitchen. The Spring and Summer of 2020 are seasons none of us will forget and they resulted in a lot of changes in our industry and of course the local market for new and existing homes. As we approach the Fall, one thing we can all agree on is every home needs one OR MORE work from home or e-learning setups. This kitchen island can be an excellent temporary workspace. So much great bright daylight (for those zoom or google classroom meetings) and an outlet on the end to plug in your devices.

Kitchen island with outlet on end and tall cabinet storage in Bettendorf kitchen design.
White and wood combination kitchen in a new home built in Bettendorf Iowa. Cabinetry by Village Home Stores for Applestone Homes of the Quad Cities.

The kitchen island is finished in a “Mocha” stain from our Koch Classic line. This stain has been applied on the same “Bristol” door in a Rustic Birch wood. The end result is the look of a rich, rustic Cherry wood that blends well with medium wood tones like the flooring and furniture in this home. That same wood tone is repeated in the range hood and the gorgeous stacked crown detail where the walls meet the ceiling. One wall of the kitchen design is home to a bank of tall pantry cabinets. The top sections of the doors as well as the two cabinet doors surrounding the range hood have been fit with antique mirrored glass. This gives you the option to store whatever you would like behind the doors without having to style them as a display.

White cabinet kitchen with tall pantry cabinets. Koch Cabinetry by Village Home Stores for Applestone Homes of the Quad Cities.
White cabinet kitchen with tall pantry cabinets.

When you work with a kitchen designer at Village Home Stores we can help you decide not just what cabinets fit in your space, but what available storage you will end up with once everything is installed. We often showcase pullout upgrades and specialty inserts but don’t forget that basic open shelf cabinets can house a lot of items. We have many options to upgrade shelf construction and add sliding shelves in some locations. In some cases, just adding an extra interior shelf may be a great upgrade for a very minimal cost.

White cabinet kitchen with open wall cabinet showing interior shelves. Cabinetry by Village Home Stores for Applestone Homes of the Quad Cities.
White cabinet kitchen with open wall cabinet showing interior shelves.

As taller ceiling heights remain to be a trend in new homes, the “standard” 30″ tall wall cabinet has become a thing of the past. We can order a variety of wall cabinet heights. Some of the newer industry standards have become 36″ and 42″ tall but we can order any and all heights. Press play below to see a short video tour of this kitchen design:

We also provided cabinetry for the rest of this Bettendorf home. The primary bathroom (shown below) repeated the same Bristol doorstyle but this time in a cooler “Stone” stain on Birch wood. Two sink bases and a centered stack of drawers provide plenty of counter space between the two vanity sinks.

Primary bathroom cabinets with two sink layout and storage at the center. Cabinetry by Village Home Stores for Applestone Homes.
Primary bathroom cabinets with two sink layout and storage at the center.

We love the creativity of Applestone Homes. There is always something new and unexpected in every home they build. The lower level bar in this property is no exception. This design only requires 3 cabinets and looks incredible! A back bar with sinkbase and full height door storage plus a front bar with an X design installed on site.

A stylish lower level homebar layout using only 3 cabinets. Cabinetry by Village Home Stores for Applestone Homes.
A stylish lower level homebar layout using only 3 cabinets.

The same “Stone” stain from the bathroom cabinetry is used here in the “Windsor” door from our Koch Express line. If you would like to see more of the finishes showcased in this featured project please just reach out. To see more images from this project you can see them posted as a project here on our Houzz page. To learn more about Applestone you can follow them here on their Facebook page.

A stylish lower level home bar with Birch Stone Koch cabinetry by Village Home Stores for Applestone Homes.
A stylish lower level home bar with Birch Stone Koch cabinetry by Village Home Stores for Applestone Homes.

If you are planning on building or remodeling a home in the extended Quad Cities region we hope you consider Village Home Stores for your needs. We can build a team of experts based on what you are shopping for and how much help you may need during your process. Your first step to gathering a bid from our team is just to reach out for an appointment. You can contact us through the webchat here on the blog or by phone at (309) 944-1344. You are also welcome to stop by M-F from 9am-5pm or Saturdays from 9am-noon. We do recommend for the best customer experience to call or contact us ahead of time so we can be sure someone is available to work with you. We can’t wait to hear what you are working on and how we can help.

Morrison, IL Kitchen Remodel With Two Tone Cabinets

This kitchen remodel feature brings us to a home in Morrison, IL where a new kitchen was part of a major remodel overhaul to the home. A room addition on the back end of the home and this new open kitchen layout have helped to create a new flow to the spaces. We also installed new flooring, lighting, and remodeled a hall bathroom during the process. We love a two tone kitchen design and for this kitchen, we combined two finishes AND two of our cabinet lines to get the perfect look for this household.

Morrison IL kitchen remodel with island, wood hood, and tall pantry cabinets. Kitchen design by Angela Weisbrod and complete remodel by Village Home Stores.
Morrison IL kitchen remodel with island, wood hood, and tall pantry cabinets.

The kitchen perimeter cabinetry comes from our Dura Supreme line. The doorstyle is named “Highland” and has been painted in the “Moonstone” finish. The accent finished wood hood, island, and pantry wall are all from our Koch Classic line of cabinetry. The “Prairie” door is the perfect compliment to the perimeter cabinetry. These accent items are in a Hickory wood stained a warm gray “Stone” finish. If you are looking for a great wood stain that compliments many tones of grays out there, ask to see a sample of this finish on all wood species. We even two toned the countertop surfaces in this kitchen. The kitchen island is a statement Cambria Quartz surface named “Langdon” and the solid-colored perimeter quartz is the “Manchester” design.

Two tone kitchen with island in a remodeled Morrison, IL home.
Two tone kitchen with island in a remodeled Morrison, IL home.

The glass door cabinets were given a two tone look by ordering contrasting interior shelves. Including glass door cabinets in your design is a great way to add interest and offer display areas keeping the items contained and uncluttered. We always suggest to include our Diode LED tape lighting on the interior of glass cabinets. This really creates a stunning display space and the cabinets can also be used as an ambient light source day and night. We also installed this bestselling LED system for the undercabinet lighting in the new kitchen.

Lighted glass door cabinet in kitchen with contrasting interior shelves.
Lighted glass door cabinet in kitchen with contrasting interior shelves.

Of course there is plenty of great storage throughout the new kitchen design. Starting with this wall cabinet extension capping off the end of the sink wall. We love using this style of a drawered wall cabinet in bathroom designs to separate the two bowl areas. Of course this is a great kitchen cabinet as well! Think of how many uses you could have for these long and shallow drawers to keep clutter off your counters.

Kitchen wall cabinet with drawers down to countertop.
Kitchen wall cabinet with drawers down to countertop.

The corner of a kitchen design is always an opportunity to maximize storage when possible. Here we installed an angled front wall cabinet and base cabinet. This shape of a corner base cabinet allows you to gain a deeper and more accessible corner countertop surface. Inside of this base cabinet is a wooden lazy susan tray on two shelves. This sturdy design replaces the pole lazy susans of the past. Ask your kitchen designer at Village Home Stores to see all of your cabinet options for a corner in your own kitchen design.

Wood corner super susan cabinet in a remodeled Morrison, IL kitchen. Kitchen design and remodel by Village Home Stores.
Wood corner super susan cabinet in a remodeled Morrison, IL kitchen.

This kitchen design must have been “written in the cosmos” because ironically the cabinet finish and the tile share the same “Moonstone” name! An elongated beveled wall tile from our Glazzio line in the Gemstone 3″ x 12″ series and “Grey Moonstone” color. The added bevel details adds interest, shadow, and texture without introducing another color to the tile. An accent tile area has been installed above the cooktop in a mosaic of Elongated Hex tiles in the “Silhouette” colorway from our Jeffrey Court line.

Wood hood cabinet with range hood insert.
Wood hood cabinet with range hood insert in a remodeled kitchen with accent tile area above cooktop.

The appliances in this kitchen are from our dependable and strong Maytag line. Shown above is a front-control electric range with True Convection features. Curious what “convection” means or what type is right for you? Check out this short segment from our TV show where we unpack all that info for you. Don’t forget that we offer appliance sales and service to a large area and you can get a fair price while supporting our small business with your appliance purchases. Shop our appliances online and get our Local Low Price Guaranteed at villagehomestores.com

kitchen island with wine bottle storage on end
Gray stained kitchen island with wine storage in a remodeled Morrison, IL kitchen.

The accented “Stone” stained cabinets in this kitchen include a wood hood, the kitchen island, and the cabinetry surrounding the refrigerator. Wood hood cabinets can truly elevate your kitchen design. We love the customized look they give. Not sure what to put inside of it? Don’t worry! Our team will help you select the correct style and power for an insert for these cabinets. A counter-depth french door refrigerator is surrounded in this kitchen by tall pantry cabinets. Just look at all of that great storage! These two tall cabinets plus a deep cabinet above can honestly store as much (perhaps more?) than a walk-in pantry can.

Gray stained tall pantry cabinets surround a refrigerator in a remodeled Morrison, IL kitchen. Kitchen design and remodel by Village Home Stores.
Gray stained tall pantry cabinets surround a refrigerator in a remodeled Morrison, IL kitchen.

To the left of the pantry and refrigerator area is a small landing space. We installed a wall outlet from our Radiant series that includes USB plugins. This makes it a great place for charging devices, sorting mail, keys, and papers in the cabinets above and below. Just around the corner from the new kitchen is an entirely new room in the home. A stunning new spacious four seasons space with a statement ceiling. A 65″ wide farmhouse inspired fan named “Gentry” looks perfect in the space in the “Anvil Iron” finish.

Kichler ceiling fan with remote in a Morrison, IL four seasons room.
Kichler ceiling fan with remote in a Morrison, IL four seasons room. Lighting by Village Home Stores.

Don’t forget that our expert start to finish kitchen remodel team is also your expert start to finish bathroom remodel team. In this home a hall bathroom has been transformed to now become a stylish new space. Fit with a single sink vanity, framed mirror, and toilet topper cabinet. The same Hickory “Stone” cabinetry from our Koch Cabinetry line is used and we love seeing it paired with this rich mosaic tile in a variety of colors.

Cambria Skara Brae vanity top and glass wall tile installed in a remodeled Morrison, IL bathroom. Bathroom designed by Angela Weisbrod and remodeled by Village Homes Stores.
Cambria Skara Brae vanity top and glass wall tile installed in a remodeled Morrison, IL bathroom.

The Cambria Quartz vanity top is one of our favorite parts of the entire project! Look at how stunning this Skara Brae surface is! Cambria is a wonderful choice for a bathroom vanity top. It is extremely durable, resistant to the heat of hair care appliances, and wipes clean with just soap and water or any mild cleaner. Nothing spilled on the surface will be absorbed into that gorgeous pattern or cause a stain. With any natural or engineered stone surface in a bathroom we are also able to undermount a sink to the slab of surface. This makes cleanup even more simple and keeps the look clean.

Cambria Skara Brae vanity top with undermounted bowl and faucet in a remodeled Morrison, IL bathroom.

To see more images from this home remodel visit the project here on our best of Houzz-winning profile. If you are looking at tiling a custom shower with Village Home Stores, then be sure to check out this ideabook also on our Houzz page that showcases many showers we have installed in the Quad Cities region. It is a great place to get inspiration for tiled shower entrances, drains, door systems, shelves, niches, and benches. Our team can help you transform an area of your bathroom into the custom shower retreat you deserve. In this bathroom we tiled a large area and included grab bars and a hinged glass shower door.

Custom tiled shower with glass wall tile accents and glass door installed in a remodeled Morrison, IL bathroom. Bathroom designed by Angela Weisbrod and remodeled by Village Homes Stores.
Custom tiled shower with glass wall tile accents and glass door installed in a remodeled Morrison, IL bathroom.

Are you ready for your own remodel story to begin with us? Our team can’t wait to hear what you are working on. Our goal is to make the remodel process as enjoyable as possible. We have a very detailed process for estimating, designing, and installing your new kitchen or bathroom space. And we assure you our team is fun and friendly to work with. If you are ready to get started just reach out. You can call us at (309) 944-1344 or text with us directly from our website villagehomestores.com Walk-ins are welcome but your best experience with our team begins with an appointment in the showroom. Our showroom is open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm and Saturdays from 9am-noon or by appointment.

Hazelwood Homes- Kitchen With Rich Birch Wood and Shimmering Cambria Quartz

We have the opportunity to design so many unique kitchen spaces throughout the Quad Cities Region. Each and every design is unique from the next and the materials selected are just as unique and each client and home. It seems like we have shared a LOT of painted white kitchens lately on the blog but rest assured that isn’t all that we do! This Geneseo, IL kitchen from Hazelwood Homes is a wonderful example:
Birch Mocha kitchen in Geneseo, IL with Cambria Quartz and KitchenAid appliances for Hazelwood Homes. | VillageHomeStores.com

There is truly nothing more inviting than a warm and cozy woodgrain kitchen. Rich, wood cabinetry is paired with warm lighting and materials throughout. The look is tailored and high-end but the design and setting is so inviting. Koch Classic Cabinetry in the Westbrook doorstyle and Birch “Mocha” stain has been accented with “Black” highlights. The cabinets stretch all the way to the ceiling and the height of the wall cabinets allow for a double panel door design (see below).
Koch cabinetry Westbrook door in Birch Mocha stain. Double panel door with cabinetry to ceiling. | VillageHomeStores.com

Beautiful and classic subway tile is installed as the kitchen backsplash throughout and even extends to surround the kitchen window and above. One of our unique Transitions blinds is installed in the window. An arched valance detail above the kitchen sink is repeated in the custom wood hood above the cooktop.
Birch Mocha kitchen in Geneseo, IL with glass subway tile as backsplash and above sink. | VillageHomeStores.com

A matching wood hood can be ordered to be placed within your kitchen design from Village Home Stores. The same raised center panels from the doors are used as a detail in hood and sink valances. A hood blower/insert can be concealed within these wood hood cabinets. These inserts can be ordered in a number of configurations and powers. That way you can customize the look AND function of your ventilation to fit your needs.
KitchenAid gas cooktop and wood hood with Broan insert. | VillageHomeStores.com

A 36″ wide 5-burner gas cooktop from KitchenAid® offers a versitile cooktop layout including a range from a high heat of 20K BTUs to a simmer of just 6k BTUs. Full width cast iron grates make it easy to slide from burner to burner. The CookShield finish helps to protect the cooktop from high-temperature cooking stains.

Geneseo, IL kitchen with cabinet door appliance garage. | VillageHomeStores.com

But what about small appliances? How does this kitchen not seem so cluttered? The coffeepot and toaster are hidden behind the door of a corner appliance garage cabinet. This new style of hinged door appliance garage is a welcome update from the accordion door styles of the past. Another wonderful storage solution hidden from sight is this hidden walk-in pantry:
Koch cabinetry cabinet doors for walk-in pantry. | VillageHomeStores.com

We can order walk-through pantry door fronts to match your kitchen as well! These double doors open to reveal a huge walk-in pantry behind the wall oven area. Press play below to see the tall door open to reveal the pantry entrance.

A double wall oven by KitchenAid® is paired with an over-the-counter microwave model from Sharp®. Over-the-counter microwaves allow for you to keep a decorative hood element to your design but eliminate the need to set a microwave oven on the countertop. This model from Sharp blends well with our other appliance brands for a seamless package look.
KitchenAid wall ovens in Stainless Steel and over the counter Sharp microwave. | VillageHomeStores.com

The innovative new 5-door refrigerator models by KitchenAid® are stylish and packed with amazing features. The KitchenAid® brand was the first in the industry to introduce a 5-door model. The two small drawers in the center of the unit are refrigeration. The left drawer includes 5 preset temperatures: meat/fish, drinks, greens/herbs, deli/cheese, and even a thaw/marinate setting. The right drawer is ideal for produce storage with a built-in produce preserving featureKitchenAid 5 door french door refrigerator in Stainless Steel. | VillageHomeStores.com

This kitchen is a two-toned design that includes a contrasting finish on the batwing-shaped kitchen island. The same Koch Westbrook doorstyle from the kitchen perimeter is painted White with am “Umber” highlight on the door and drawer front details. Cambria Quartz in the “Berwyn” design completes the look in the stylish beveled edge profile.
Koch cabinetry painted White with accent glaze. | VillageHomeStores.com

The island ends and back has been fit with custom doors and furniture baseboard molding for finished look. An island light from our Artcraft line hangs above the center of the kitchen island. Of course no complete kitchen can be showcased this well without our favorite secret weapon… our Diode LED undercabinet lighting. This space wouldn’t look as warm and inviting without it.
Unique island shape ideas. Kitchen design by Village Home Stores for Hazelwood Homes. | VillageHomeStores.com

Love this kitchen? See the full album of photos here on our award-winning Houzz page. Don’t forget that if you are building a new home and selecting design and materials from our store you can bundle your purchases throughout our store and earn FREE LIGHTING for your home! Read more about that program here in a previous blog post. If you are ready to start the conversation about your own dream kitchen or bathroom contact us today! Reach out by completing this short form or calling (309) 944-1344. We can’t wait to hear what you are working on!

Colona, IL- Lakeside Home Gets a Refreshing New Remodel

Not every before and after remodel story involves removing walls to get a new layout. This lakeside home in Colona, IL is the perfect example of what we mean. To get the new kitchen design to “open up” here, we actually closed off one of the walls. Take a look at the before and after below to see the doorway that was closed off in order to create a full U-shaped layout for the new kitchen:
kitchen before and after in Colona, IL. Remodeled from start to finish by Village Home Stores. | VillageHomeStores.com

What a transformation! Now this wall has become the main focal point of the new design with this hood surround at the center of all attention. Koch Classic Cabinetry in the “Legacy” doorstyle and “Pearl” painted finish with “Umber” Highlight have been paired with Cambria® Quartz counters and a stylish new Stainless Steel appliance package from KitchenAid®. There is so much great storage and style in this kitchen that we HAD to include it in an episode of the Village Home Show just to have the opportunity to show you around in detail. The original kitchen was in desperate need of more drawers for storage. This new layout includes many drawers in the kitchen perimeter as well as the new kitchen island. Press play below to see for yourself.

When you choose to work with Village Home Stores you can expect to get the best experience available from our expert staff. This includes how you are able to visualize your project during the designing and material selection stages. Below are the design renderings that were presented to this customer in those first few meetings: rendering

Helping you visualize the full concept of your design is a responsibility we take very seriously. It is why you can’t just walk into our store and leave an hour later with a professional design. We are a Kitchen and Bath Design Center. When you set an appointment with us we want you to be so thrilled with your experience from that very first presentation all the way until the final walk-through. Our process may take longer than other stores but we believe that every project deserves the same care and attention no matter what the size. Building a home or remodeling, neither is a process that should be rushed. The hood concept for this kitchen is not ordinary by any circumstances. The look was achieved by building an arched surround for the Cherry wood hood and then tiling the surface with four different 6″ x 24″ Ecowood tiles. The end result is breathtaking and unique!

Unique kitchen range hood surround. | VillageHomeStores.com

Concealed within the Cherry wood hood is a Broan hood blower insert. Not to be ignored right below this new hood area is a KitchenAid® slide-in gas range packed full of style and features! This gas range boasts 5 gas burners on the cooktop ranging from 5,000 to 19,000 BTU’s. Get flawless baking results with convection features in the oven and take advantage of added features like a wireless probe and a steam rack within the oven. Would you believe us if we told you this model is also technically a DOUBLE oven?! That drawer below is not just for storing bakeware or warming dishes!
KitchenAid range with convection oven and baking drawer. | VillageHomeStores.com

KitchenAid® has taken the concept of a warming drawer to a whole new level. Introducing the innovative new baking drawer. This separate compartment allows you to keep warm, slow cook or bake at a different temperature from the main oven and keep dishes warm. This range sits atop a wood-look luxury vinyl tile from our Mannington® Adura Plank line. The “Ashford Walnut” color might fool you in these photographs but trust us, even in person you will not believe this isn’t hardwood. Adura Plank Luxury Vinyl Tiles (also known as LVT’s) are durable, scratch-resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean.  The sink wall of the new design has changed dramatically once the doorway to the nearby Living Room was closed off.
Kitchen before and after with new copper farmhouse style sink. | VillageHomeStores.com

The refrigerator was moved to the opposite end of this sink wall and an undermount copper farmhouse sink is the new eye-catching detail of this section of the new design. An arched valance in the toespace of the sink base cabinet is an added design detail that helps set the look off. This copper sink will begin to age with a beautiful patina and become a character piece in the new kitchen.
Copper undermount farmhouse style sink. | VillageHomeStores.com

This copper farmsink has been under-mounted to new Engineered Quartz countertops from our Cambria® Quartz line. The quartz design selected for this project is named “Langdon” and the 1/2″ rounded edge profile has been applied to the tops. The veining and charactor of a slab of natural granite, but all of the benefits of maintenance-free quartz. Cambria® is the perfect material for this project. The large island top is the best showcase of the pattern and colors:

The new kitchen island is a large surface for preparation, and entertaining. The cooktop used to dominate the old island counter surface but now the island is versatile and stylish. outlets on each end of the island are camouflaged in color to allow access to power when needed but not steal from the finished look of the applied door paneled ends. The doorway into the new kitchen was widened to open up the space. A peninsula was installed at the entrance to provide more storage and counter surface as well as an overhang to accommodate seated guests.
Before and After images of a remodeled kitchen. | VillageHomeStores.com

This new widened entrance with a peninsula has changed the overall layout and function for the kitchen. Above the peninsula overhand hand two decorative pendant lights by Kichler. This couple chose to install the “outdoor” pendant style of this light because they included this beautiful seeded glass. We think the lights are perfect!
Kichler pendant lighting with seeded glass above a kitchen peninsula. | VillageHomeStores.com

Shown behind the lighting in the image above are two X-shaped wine cubbies. Plenty of wine storage is easily accessible from either side of the peninsula when entertaining. When guests enter the new kitchen design they get the illusion that instead of a peninsula and an island, this kitchen has two islands. This look is achieved by having the complete island in a Cherry “Mocha” stain plus the back and end of the kitchen peninsula has been installed in that same “Mocha” finish.
Kitchen with Peninsula and island. | VillageHomeStores.com

The Cherry “Mocha” stain from the island and peninsula is repeated in the wood hood area. Two-tone look kitchen designs have come a long way in the past few years. You are not just limited to contrasting crown or an island. Ask you designer what creative ways you could include a second finish in your own design.
Microwave with trim kit in a Colona, IL kitchen island. | VillageHomeStores.com

The cooking center of this new kitchen is stylish and extremely functional. Not only are there incredible features on this new KitchenAid® gas range, the storage and surfaces surrounding it grant the user the best experience possible. Everything is right within reach including a tray divider cabinet and pullout spice rack. There is available countertop surface on each side of the hood surround and access to that incredible new Island top directly behind the user.
Kitchen storage ideas including tray divider and pullout spice rack. | VillageHomeStores.com

See the full album of over 40 images from this kitchen remodel here on our award-winning Houzz.com page. Are you ready to see an expertly-prepared kitchen design for your own home? Contact the award-winning team at Village Home Stores to get the conversation started. Reach out for an appointment by calling (309) 944-1344 or completing this short online form. We can’t wait to hear what you are working on!

QCBR Fall Parade of Homes: Applestone Homes

Not only were we blessed with an amazing weekend of weather in our area, but it was also the final weekend of the QCBR Fall Parade of Homes! While there were many great events going on all around Geneseo and the Quad Cities we had to stop to see the award-winning Applestone Homes kitchen and bathrooms we provided materials for. Congratulations are in order as they won the “Best Home” in their price category. 

Applestone_Homes_Iowanew construction quad citiesThe home was bustling with activity so it was difficult to get many photos of the spaces empty (which is a great problem to have by the way). Like so many kitchens set in a Great Room layout, this kitchen was designed and installed in a two-tone combination.

The perimeter cabinets were a Birch wood painted white and the island is a Birch “Java” stain.

applestone_homesThe flat-panel door style of these cabinets is called “Prairie” from our Koch line. A similar style is available from all of our cabinet companies. This transitional style of door allows for the overall space to be styled in an unlimited amount of ways. In fact a flat-panel cabinet painted white still remains one of the most popular cabinet choices throughout the U.S.

The dark contrast of the island cabinetry makes a big impact and helps divide the space visually from the nearby dining area.

When trying to keep the main and more permanent elements of a kitchen transitional, it can be difficult to add a decorative hood. Many wood hood designs can start to suggest a certain style and introduce curves and arches when that may not be your desired outcome. Take a look at the hood design in this kitchen:

flat panel door wood hoodWith no arches or curves in the remaining cabinetry, a square style is selected to house the hood and blower insert. The majority of the space is trimmed off in a similar way you would the back of an exposed island. In place of a valance, this hood gives an added opportunity to mimic the crown molding from the cabinets as well as the trim detail that Applestone Homes has installed above each window and door in the great room. Staggering the height and depth of the hood area adds interests without distracting from the tiled backsplash.

pots and pans storageWe many times showcase the storage options found in the cabinetry of our feature kitchens. We wanted to take the time in this post to allow you to ask yourself your own preference.

While many customers request a “butt-door” cabinet that opens up to sliding shelves within, some find that larger pots & pans drawers work better for them. It is important that you select what is right for your lifestyle and cabinet layout. This feature kitchen had the space to accommodate both options. Large drawers next to the range and cooktop and sliding shelves directly behind the user in the island cabinets. Ask yourself what items you will be storing and how would you prefer to access them? The look of doors vs. drawers can be a deciding factor.

master bath dark cabinetsThe bathrooms in this home were just as beautiful as this kitchen. The Master Bathroom upstairs was so beautiful with the sunlight shining in. With the counter tops and tile throughout remaining light, that leave a lot of room for drama to be created with the dark “Java” stain on the vanity cabinets. Cabinetry and mirror spread the full length of this large bathroom and the dark finish really stands out in a great way!

The QCBR Parade of Homes is your opportunity to tour some of the most beautiful homes being built right here in our area. The Parade is put on by the Quad Cities Builders & Remodelers Association and takes place in both the Spring and Fall of each year. Local builders allow you to tour homes and are on hand to answer any questions you may have while walking through.

parade of homesThe website for Applestone Homes is currently under construction but you can connect with them via facebook and reach the offices at (563) 505-3615. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the QCBR calendar for details on the QCBR Home Show this Winter.