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Aspen Homes- Tastefully On Trend Meets Timeless

Many times customers are hesitant to embrace something labeled as a “trend” because they fear the look will be dated so quickly. The truth is in our industry…trends aren’t just a flash in the pan. Ever. For design choices like Gray Stains or Black Accents, these “trends” are long-term. Once you begin to see certain trends appear on magazine covers and in spaces on your favorite TV shows, the industry has committed to the concept. This latest project we completed with Aspen Homes LLC is so gorgeous we barely know where to begin the tour!  As we show you around the space we will pay attention to key trends at work in the kitchen:

Black Details And Accents In The Kitchen:

Kitchen with black window accent. Design and materials from Village Home Stores for Aspen Homes. | VillageHomeStores.com

Photo courtesy of Aspen Homes LLC , Bettendorf, IA

We love the black trim detail added to this Bettendorf, IA home. A farmhouse sink sits beneath three windows on one wall of the kitchen design. These three black windows add style and visual rhythm to the space. The two “Wadsworth” pendants that hang above the kitchen island are from our Hudson Valley line. Selecting the perfect lighting for your overall look is so important. The kitchen island pendants in this home are the perfect example of what we mean.

“Both the sconces and the island pendants get a lot of attention. I’m glad I took a risk with those pendants because they seem to tie it all together and ground a space filled with so much white.” -homeowner

That quote from the homeowner says it all! They truly do complete the entire design. The black accent, the shape, the brass, the circle element (see the barn door below), it is all perfection! A pendant like that in a catalog or our showroom may seem like a bold statement but our lighting team works hard with our clients to select fixtures perfect for their space. A statement may seem a bit out of your comfort level at the time but the impact will be great!

Introduce Gold Accents:

Between the windows hang “Margeaux” wall sconces from our Hinkley line. The “Vintage Brass” finish on the sconces is repeated in the kitchen cabinet hardware and accents on the island pendant lights. You do not have to go “all in” on this Gold Accent trend. Just introducing a few locations for it is great! New Traditional style is all about balancing old looks with new materials. In some cases New Traditional blends old finishes with new shapes and styles. Mixing metal finishes can look great when executed correctly and our team is here to help you find the perfect balance.

Large kitchen hood idea. | VillageHomeStores.com

Photo courtesy of Aspen Homes LLC , Bettendorf, IA

Soften The Look With Matte Finishes:

A great way to make a space more welcoming and less “cold” is to use softer, more matte finishes. Even a cold, hard material like granite can seem more approachable. In this case, a Granite named “Black Pearl” has been installed as the perimeter countertop material. Instead of a high-polished and reflective finish, the “Brushed” finish is used. The result: and Old World look almost like that of a soapstone countertop. The island countertop is from our Cambria Quartz line in their “Summerhill” design. Summerhill blends all of the surrounding colors together perfectly and offers up a natural stone veining look that adds character to the island.

Want a cabinet style and finish that is truly timeless? If you look at some of your own favorite kitchen spaces saved to your Pinterest or Houzz accounts is the common denominator perhaps a white painted cabinet? A flat-panel doorstyle in a white paint is as timeless of a cabinet commitment you can make. This kitchen has been installed in the “Savannah” door from our Koch Classic line. Chances are if you are drawn to the look of a white painted cabinet, you are also looking at Subway tile. This kitchen takes that classic subway tile and installs it all the way to the ceiling:

Subway tile all the way to the ceiling in a Bettendorf, IA kitchen designed by Village Home Stores for Aspen Homes LLC. | VillageHomeStores.com

Photo courtesy of Aspen Homes LLC , Bettendorf, IA

“It’s funny how many people love that the subway tile is taken to the ceiling. It was a simple addition that makes it all feel more special.” -homeowner

White painted flat-panel cabinetry and subway tile. We are giving you the definite green light for that winning combination! Again, these are classic and timeless selections you can make for your overall permanent investment. If 15 years from now you wanted to give this kitchen a new look, the entire kitchen may not need to come out to get that “new” update.

Showcase Your Workspace:

If you are going to invest in a great space to prepare meals, why not shine the spotlight on your busiest area? Cooking zones are where all the activity happens so why not make them the focal point of the space? Kitchens are no longer hidden in the back corner of a home. They have become the very center of all activity throughout your day. In this kitchen a unique hood design makes a statement of its own on the range wall. This custom wood hood aligns with the angle of the kitchen ceiling. A custom hood insert and 1200 CFM blower are fit on the interior of the hood. A clean hood design with a contrasting band of wood at the base completes the look. Below that hood is an envy-worthy 48″ wide range:

48 inch KitchenAid dual fuel range. | VillageHomeStores.com

Photo courtesy of Aspen Homes LLC , Bettendorf, IA

This KitchenAid® Dual Fuel, commercial-style range has 6 gas burners and a chrome electric griddle. The griddle provides exceptional cooking performance and features an easy-to-clean surface. Why Dual Fuel? This range combines the precise control of a gas cooking surface with an electric oven. In the culinary world even the most demanding of cooks can agree that dual fuel is the “best of both worlds” situation for a range. Immediate control for the cooktop and consistent baking, roasting, and broiling in the oven.

Photo courtesy of KitchenAid®

Photo courtesy of KitchenAid®

EvenHeat™ True Convection in the ovens provide consistent heating and even cooking on all racks. Convection helps ensure no burnt edges or undercooked centers and with EasyConvect™ Conversion, it is so easy to use these features. This range combines two ovens for a total of 6.3 cu. ft. of capacity. Shop appliances here or visit our store for an award-winning customer experience and a Low Price Guarantee on home appliances!

Warm Gray Stains:

Gray stains aren’t just still “in style”, they are growing and growing in popularity! Each of our cabinet lines have invested in continuing to add gray stains to their finish options. Grays have started to trend toward the warmer look. Warm grays blend well with other wood finishes and paints.

Kitchen with design and materials from Village Home Stores for Aspen Homes. | VillageHomeStores.com

Photo courtesy of Aspen Homes LLC , Bettendorf, IA

In this kitchen a tall pantry cabinet with drawers is finished in a contrasting gray stain named “Stone”. The same Savannah Doorstyle used in the main kitchen is a Cherry wood on the pantry cabinet. Cherry offers a warm and rich woodgrain for the “Stone” stain. We love the use of a contrasting cabinet finish in an unexpected application. We have come to expect the kitchen island, or perhaps a hood to have a contrast finish. Here the location gives the tall cabinet almost the look of a freestanding furniture piece.

Kitchen with design and materials from Village Home Stores for Aspen Homes. | VillageHomeStores.com

Photo courtesy of Aspen Homes LLC , Bettendorf, IA

This layout also provides the illusion of two kitchen islands. A peninsula runs parallel to the kitchen island. It is always exciting to work with Aspen Homes on a project because they come to us with so many great ideas and enthusiastic clients. Looking to build a new home or remodel the one your are in? Village Home Stores is your expert Kitchen and Bath destination. We build a team specific to your project’s needs and help make the process as easy and as fun as possible for you.

Kitchen with design and materials from Village Home Stores for Aspen Homes. | VillageHomeStores.com

Photo courtesy of Aspen Homes LLC , Bettendorf, IA

You can find out more information on what you can expect when working with Aspen Homes and Village Home Stores here on a previous post. We are thrilled to welcome Aspen to Instagram in 2017! Give their page a follow to see the beautiful spaces they are working on in the Quad Cities Region. While you are there, find the Village Home Stores Instagram page as well. We love sharing beautiful spaces and behind-the-scenes coverage of what our store is working on day to day. Ready to start the conversation about your own project? Contact us today to get started. We can’t wait to hear what you are working on!
Cambria quartz in Bettendorf, IA | VillageHomeStores.com

What To Expect at Village Home Stores

You have made a fantastic choice to build your dream home with Aspen|Windmiller. Village Home Stores has had the great privilege to be involved in so many of the beautiful and unique homes that they have built in the Quad Cities region. The design and selection process works so smoothly with Aspen|Windmiller and the Village Home Stores team because we value the same end result for our customers: The building process should be simple and fun.

Aspen|Windmiller has a system in place to make sure the process is as simple as possible for you. What an incredible benefit you have in Stephanie Rudd! Stephanie works very hard at getting a grasp on your personal style and what your dream home looks like. This begins at your first meetings with the Aspen|Windmiller team. Stephanie works directly with the team at Village Home Stores to hand-curate every selection made at our store so that the finished result lines up with the overall look you want for your home. Our staff loves working on homes with Aspen|Windmiller because their clients have great taste and love thinking outside-the-box. Their homes are high-style and always on point with current trends in our industry. Every material selection is curated with your overall look in mind. We would like to introduce you to your team at Village Home Stores (left to right) Josh, Heather, Keri, and Rob. They are excited to hear about the dream home you are building with Aspen|Windmiller!your_team

At your first appointment in the Village Home Stores showroom you will work closely with the Aspen|Windmiller team here at the store. Our Contractor Account Coordinator Josh Heitzler and Stephanie will walk you through your prepared design and help guide you through all of the details and selections to be made in the Cabinetry and Countertop showroom.  Stephanie and Josh will guide you through the Kitchen, Bathrooms, Laundry, Bar, and any other areas of your design requiring cabinetry and countertops.aspen_Village_Home_stores

You will then meet with our Rob Ries who is the owner of our Appliance showroom. Rob will walk you through the options available for your design. Stephanie and Josh each work closely with Rob to insure the correct sizes and models are selected for your space. Every customer uses their kitchen differently and we can’t wait to prepare the perfect Appliance package for your lifestyle. Village Home Stores carries KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Maytag, Viking, and many more appliance brands. There is something for every look and budget. At Village Home Stores we want you to enjoy your purchases for many years to come and we service what we sell. Once your home is complete, our expert Appliance Service Team is just a phone call away anytime you may need them. You can expect an award-winning experience before and after the sale. Our service technicians were named “Most Professional Service Company” in 2016 by the United Servicers Association.hood

After your initial Appliance meeting you will meet with our New Construction Lighting Specialist Keri Swanberg to begin selection for your home’s Lighting plan. By this point, Stephanie will have a more targeted idea of your personal style as well as the lighting needs your design requires. Keri will help you select the Dining, Foyer, Great Room, and Island Lighting first. The rest of the selections fall into place thereafter. Our Aspen|Windmiller customers receive free non-specialty lightbulbs for their entire Lighting package and all items are delivered to your new home for free. Speaking of free did you know that a good portion of your Lighting package itself can be free when you bundle your purchases throughout our store? Read more about our bundle program with Aspen|Windmiller herelighting_aspen_homes

Stephanie keeps you on task in our showroom and makes sure everything selected fits well into the overall look you want for your home. Your entire team from Village Home Stores is in constant communication with the Aspen|Windmiller team to assure that the entire process from design to installation goes smoothly. Every detail from lighting placement to built-in appliances, we are working towards making your dream home a reality.

Kitchen with design and materials from Village Home Stores for Aspen Homes. | VillageHomeStores.com

Photo courtesy of Aspen Homes LLC , Bettendorf, IA

A final sign-off appointment will be made to confirm all of your choices. There is no limit to the access you have to our experts. There is no limit to the amount of store appointments you may make with Josh or his assistant Heather Maxwell. Job visits and field measures will take place when needed after the selection process. The Aspen|Windmiller team will communicate with you throughout the entire building process so you know what is going on and what to expect with each phase.

Master Bathroom with gray painted vanities in a home built by Aspen Homes, LLC | VillageHomeStores.com

Photo courtesy of Aspen Homes LLC , Bettendorf, IA

Both Aspen|Windmiller and Village Home Stores have been awarded “Best of Houzz” multiple years in a row. Houzz.com and the Houzz app are a fantastic resource to you during the building process beginning in the early research phases. Collect images posted by professionals into ideabooks and collaborate with Aspen|Windmiller and your team at Village Home Stores. Find and follow Aspen|Windmiler on Houzz.com by clicking here. We are both also active members of the Quad Cities  Builders and Remodelers Association. QCBR members are known to be at the top of their profession. They have a superior work ethic combined with a demand for perfection in everything they do. They’re the kind of craftspeople that do every job as if they were doing it on their own home. So, you can be sure when you have a QCBR member on the job, it’s being done right…the first time.


Village Home Stores is located at 105 S State in Historic Downtown Geneseo, IL. Since 1984 we have paired quality products with an excellent customer experience. Be sure to check out our TV Show featuring local Quad Cities kitchens. Stream full episodes here online. Driving to our showroom from the Quad Cities or Chicagoland area? Plan on exploring Geneseo after your appointment at Village Home Stores. We have a variety of shops, galleries, restaurants, breweries, and events all within walking distance of our store. Find more information on Geneseo, IL by clicking here. We can’t wait to see your finished home by Aspen|Windmiller and we are honored to be a part of the process.