Awkward Kitchen Space Made Awesome!

To say the pictures do not do this project justice is an understatement. Sometimes a space puts out a feeling that can’t quite be captured in a photograph. This remodeled kitchen in Colona, IL is so bright and cheerful I wanted to stay all day and chat with the owner. According to the owner, it was a dream kitchen 17 years in the making. While we might have only been involved in the last few months of that process, it was easy to tell how happy the homeowner was now that it had come to life. L shape kitchen design

The main kitchen design did not change drastically. Wall ovens were removed and a freestanding Whirlpool range was brought in with a Microwave Hood above it. In the original kitchen, a blank wall sat opposite the space with a small dining table in front of it. A short knee-wall capped the end as you exited into the Dining Room. The new kitchen design uses this awkward space to its fullest potential adding storage and a whole lot of impact!

Building in an area for a flatscreen tv in a kitchen

Built-In FlatscreenBy creating a dine-in area that branches off from the wall, seating is added with access to added storage below. The knee-wall was removed and now the total kitchen has almost doubled in size (and storage). With the rest of the social spaces nearby, now the kitchen has become integrated into this total open area. Traffic entering from the Living and Dining Rooms is no longer blocked by wall and a clear path to the Laundry Room is available. Building in a flat-screen television to the new design creates a customized look and also allows more counter space below where a television may have otherwise been placed. the birdseye view below shows a rendering of the space.

Rendered Drawing by Village Home Stores

It must be said that even though this beautiful kitchen is bright, the under-cabinet lighting truly brings it warmth. Day and night tasks will be made easier with this added element. Not to mention it takes an already beautiful space and gives it that “magazine” look! Contact us today to bring YOUR dream kitchen to life!


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