Product Profile: Oxford House Custom Shades and Blinds

Village Home Stores is always striving to make our store a one-stop-shop for everything your new or existing home will need. Since 1984, we have carefully curated the list of vendors we offer to our clients. Adding entire categories of products to our store is no small consideration. In 2015 when we discovered the perfect fit for a Window Treatment product we were finally able to “roll” out this new department to our customers. We are so thrilled to offer custom window shades and blinds for your home from Oxford House®! We have now found a line of custom window shades and blinds that match up with our own standards and that we know you will love.Large and unique window shade above kitchen window. |

So why Oxford House? Like many of our products throughout the store, Oxford House blinds are not just made in the U.S.A. they are made right here in the Midwest in Indiana. A family owned business that has been a leader in custom window treatments since 1988. That means you can know you are getting a quality product from within the USA plus a faster custom lead-time for your product because they are so close. We offer many options from Oxford House:

Window Treatment Options. |

Each of these categories of products can be custom ordered for your own project. Looking for something functional but completely eye-catching and unique? You MUST see the Transitions series! It is easily the most asked about shade so far from this line. We showcase many in our Gneeseo, IL showroom and have installed many around the extended Quad Cities Region already.Modern Transitions window shades. | VillageHomeStores.comThese unique shades give the look of a horizontal blind at first-glance when “open” in place. But as you roll the shade, the Transition really begins. Press play below to see these unique shades showcase why they are named “Transitions”

Yes these shades look interesting while stationary but they really looks their best is while in use.  The Transitions series combines an interesting look and experience with a functional design. While window treatments first and foremost must be functional, having stylish options and materials is also important! Every shade and blind series we offer can be ordered in a wide variety of finishes and sometimes even textures. Roller Shade |

Functional and stylish!  For example the roller shades don’t just give your a sleek and clean look, they are made to operate better than their older ancestors. Made with a continuous chain system for ease of operation. Translation: no more springing up out of control.  top down shades |

Great materials combined with amazing features make Oxford House a very versatile option for the window treatments in your home. Many of the shades and blinds from Oxford House even come with the option to add motorized and remote operations as well. The image below is the same “Day and Night” shade shown with both room darkening and sheer settings all in one shade. Oxford House Shades |

The same treatment can give you two different experiences AND options in between. We have installed display treatments from each of our categories so you can see and operate them right here at the store. Everything from classic, wood blinds to unique and customized stylish choices. Our experts are ready to help you decide. wood blind. |

Looking for a treatment for one window or an entire home? We can help! Call, click or stop by today to make an appointment to discuss all of the amazing options from this great department of the Village Home Stores family of products. Just like any of the products you can purchase at Village, we can arrange installation for your shades and blindscustom-blinds


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