Quad Cities- Bath Remodel With Custom Locker and Hidden Laundry

Down the hall from this stunning kitchenette we shared recently is a remodeled bathroom packed with storage, function, and style. With a pool out back, this walk-out basement was in need of a large functional bathroom space ready for busy Summertime pool days. The vanity area is gorgeous. A furniture-style vanity with a medicine cabinet above surrounded by two wall sconces. Furniture style vanity by DuraSupreme Cabinetry. Design and materials by Village Home Stores. | VillageHomeStores.com

An open shelf below is perfect for stacking extra towels for guests. The furniture look of the Dura Supreme vanity is enhanced by the edge detail on the Cambria counters. Each corner swoops out an adds a details that the light catches. Cambria Quartz in the Torquay design gives the polished look of marble in a durable and non-porous engineered quartz.
Cambria Torquay Quartz in a Quad Cities area bathroom. Design and materials by Village Home Stores. | VillageHomeStores.com

With this busy bathroom being so close to the pool, a secondary laundry area was on the wish list. We were able to design an area that hides a stack-able unit right within the bathroom. Hidden pantry front doors aren’t just for pantry areas! And with the Inset door style selected, the doors can roll back with pocket door hardware and allow full access to the laundry.
Hidden laundry in bathroom tucked behind false doors. Design and materials by Village Home Stores. | VillageHomeStores.com

A custom tiled shower in a bathroom allows you to truly make the most of your space. Plus the look of carrying a tiled floor into a shower helps to make the room seem larger. This look is only made stronger when you pair it with a glass door entry. In this bath we were able to include a full glass wall and even turn the corner with a small section of glass.
Custom tiled shower in a Quad Cities area bathroom. Design and materials by Village Home Stores. | VillageHomeStores.com

12″ x 12″ wall tiles and 3″ x 3″ floor tiles in the shower plus a custom niche for toiletries. Even with a shower this large there was enough space to include a custom cabinet locker area at the bathroom entry. The unit hugs the entire corner all the way to the door. Why stop at the wall switch if you can just include it in the design? We used the clean design and style of our Adorne Series of switches and the look is great. Custom cabinet with outlet on side panel. Design and materials by Village Home Stores. | VillageHomeStores.com

An L-shaped bench with beaded panel walls and robe hooks was installed. We stacked crown molding so that the locker bench area stretches all the way to the ceiling. The Chapel Hill doors are inset into the faceframe and the top section of cabinets here are top-hinged. We love the use of frosted glass in the Chestnut Cherry cabinet.
Top hinge cabinet in a built in locker area of bathroom. | VillageHomeStores.com

Below the bench is even more storage in drawers. Imagine a busy pool party weekend and each guest getting a section of this locker. A wonderful way to keep the clutter contained. This bathroom space is so beautiful and functional. We love how it turned out.
Great storage cabinet created as a a built in locker area of bathroom design. | VillageHomeStores.com

Have your own dream to make a space in your home more functional? We can help you visualize and make it happen!  Remodeling a bathroom or adding another bathroom to a home can be a rewarding investment in your home. Contact one of our designers today and they will walk you through our process. An expert design and quality materials for you and your own contractor or let our team manage it all from start to finish for you. Either way your first step is the same. Reach out to our team for an appointment. Call us at (309) 944-1344 or complete this short online form and a team member will be in touch. 


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