Trending in 2017: Tiny Dinosaur Decor?!? APRIL FOOLS

Village Home Stores has always been known for being thought-leaders in our field. We attend product training and trade show events so that we can always stay at the very forefront of anything new an exciting for our customers. That is why we are thrilled to be the first to introduce you a new trend we are seeing in home decor in 2017: tiny dinosaurs!


In the age of Pinterest, it can be difficult to set yourself apart as a hostess when you begin to prepare for entertaining guests. Pinterest gives us all kinds of expectations and sets high standards for decorating any event. Everyone has to “one-up” their neighbors, friends, or family with the next big thing. Well take it from us, you should be the first in your book club to have tiny dinosaur decor sprinkled throughout your home in 2017. Just listen to this testimonial:

“I arranged a tablescape for a fundraiser luncheon I was hosting at my home. I chose to include tiny dinosaurs within the florals and votive candles of my centerpiece. There is something empowering about dinosaur decor that gives a commanding advantage to me as a hostess. I let the tiny dinosaurs speak for me. They said, ‘Cheryl, I know you borrowed that Pyrex from me and never returned it. Now you have the nerve to bring your potato salad in it to my luncheon? Stare at this T-Rex and think about what you have done.’ And you know what, Cheryl left that Pyrex in my kitchen sink after lunch.”


When staging up a little vignette in your home have you ever taken a step back and asked to yourself, “what is this missing?” It’s missing a tiny dinosaur that’s what. Take a chance with this trend and take your drab decor up to the next level of Prehistoric perfection!

The Kitchen & Bath Industry is not just limited to cabinets and appliances. Decorative lighting can play a key part in the overall look of a successful design. There is a reason why we are  one of Lighting & Decor Magazine’s finalists for Showroom of the Year, we know and embrace current trends. Some of our thought-leading lighting vendors have introduced tiny dinosaur details into fixtures. Take a look at this Dining Room light we installed recently in Moline, IL. aprilfools7

You are not just limited to trying out the tiny dinosaur trend in your kitchen or home bar. Try this trend out in your bathroom accessories! This Moline, IL custom tiled shower installed by Village Home Stores includes a tiled niche area perfect to showcase tiny dinosaur decor!

By now we pray that you can tell this is in no way an actual 2017 decor trend and instead our way of wishing our followers a joyous APRIL FOOLS DAY! We spend so much time on the blog focusing on showing you our portfolio of work we realize you must think we are pretty serious and boring bunch. Spend a few minutes in the showroom and you will quickly realize that is NOT the case. Building a new home or remodeling the one you are in should be a fun experience! Our team does great work and has a great time while doing it. Have a fantastic weekend and come visit us this April!




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